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Submit a Press Release/PSA to Independent Underground News & Talk

Submit a Press Release to Independent Underground News & Talk
"As a form of groundbreaking Independent Media, we understand that providing information to the public is important. 
With such, we want to work with organizations, grassroots activists, political leaders and candidates that support and preserve America's/Michigan Middle, Working and Lower Classes! "says Monica RW at the IU News & Talk Blog and Radio Show.
Independent Underground News and Radio LIVE wants to work with your organization to communicate important information to the public-at-large that supports America's and Michigan Middle, Working and Lower classes. 

Have a video, press release or column to share with potential voters, citizens or interested parties? Let IU News & Talk News and IU Radio LIVE work with you!



ALL Press Releases MUST attire to one of the following formats or otherwise will be rejected!

1. Submit a Press Release to IU News & Talk-Submit a PDF, Word or Google Docs version for the Press Release over to our e-mail. Standard Press Release format (limited to 600 words) is required with contact information for the organization or individual. To learn how to submit a Press Release, view this link

2. Submit a Video Press Release-Submit up to a 5 minute video version Press Releases link of the You Tube, Vimeo or Livestream with a minimum of 250 words, in standard press release format, describing the video via our e-mail. The video must maintain at open viewing status for the public at large.

3. Submit a Radio Press Release or Public Service Announcement for IU  Radio LIVE-Submit either a PDF, Word 2007 or Google Docs version (no more than 250 words) or a up to 2 minute non-advertising MP.3 radio spot via our e-mail. Learn how to submit Radio Press Release or PSA at this link.
We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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