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Independent Underground Radio LIVE (IURL)
Independent Michigan & National Politics Progressive Left Talk Podcast
Branch of ROJS Media

Mission Statement of ROJS Media Group

The importance of independent media in today's society is paramount. Our populace is subject to receiving information that is brought and paid for by corporate masters in which they are beholden. 

ROJS Media will remain a Independent Media Resource that examines policies, laws, actions and procedures impacting America's working, middle, lower and job seeking classes. Providing a voice to the those who don't hold the wealth of our top 2% in this nation.
History of Independent Underground Radio LIVE
Independent Underground Radio LIVEa branch of ROJS Media, LLC, started as an idea and has grew into a true Progressive Talk Radio force covering Michigan & National Politics, Economics, Finance, Income Inequality and more from a 'Common-Sense' point of view.

Founded by Monica RW, Independent Underground Radio LIVE (formerly ROJS Radio LIVE) podcast started on Blog Talk Radio in October 2010. Less than two years later, the program Independent-Left point of view on issues impacting America's populace continues to gain a loyal following of listeners and featured guests.

The Host of IURL, Monica RW is available for speaking engagements by contacting us here!!

The show reached a pinnacle milestone in 2014 with over 1.7 MILLION lifetime total listens and downloads since 2010. Furthermore, Independent Underground Radio LIVE averages over 100K a month in podcast downloads and listens!!

Independent Underground Radio LIVE is a weekly podcast aired Tuesday and Thursday from 11am to 1am Eastern Time. The program can be heard LIVE on the Blog Talk Radio Network

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Our Show Staff 

Monica RW-Co-Host/Executive Producer and Owner of ROJS Media, LLC & Independent Underground Radio LIVE

Ashlei D. Scheduling Producer - Independent Underground Radio LIVE

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Support The Mission of ROJS Media

ROJS Media, LLC depends on our listeners and supporters to keep both Independent Underground Radio LIVE and Independent Underground News & Talk growing as a form of Independent Media examining issues impacting Michiganders, National, State and Local Politics and more.

With such, we accept Sponsorship to keep our podcast operating, and advertising on our news blog and the bi-weekly live show.

If you are interested in supporting the mission of ROJS Media a variety of affordable small business/ non-profit organization sponsorship packages are available via our Based Podcast Show and News Blog. 

To discuss ways your small business or non-profit organization can Sponsor our program and/or donate to Independent Underground Radio LIVE or Independent Underground News & Talk please contact Our Sales Staff today!

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