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Friday, June 23, 2017

We're MOVING To A New Site Location On June 30, 2017 - Independent Underground Radio Network

Independent Underground Radio Network New Logo - @IURadioNetwork
Independent Underground Radio Network New Logo - @IURadioNetwork

It's been a while since we have updated this blog or wrote content on it. There is a reason for our madness - so to speak.

We are MOVING to a New Site, New Blogging Platform, New Location (Wordpress based) and a New Name. Let's briefly talk about each one as more detail is available here, at the almost new site.

Why almost new?

Well, our web designer Don from is finishing the final touches over the next week with what our new home will look like. The Independent Underground Radio Network (new name by the way) will be Podcast focused first, blogging focused second -- and the site will reflect such.

Our long time readers, subscribers, and fans have asked (demanded) to have a site that is easier to navigate and find our podcast plus other content. Unfortunately, we have outgrown the Blogger Platform to allow us the proper way to meet and exceed those reasonable requests.

So, Wordpress Here We Come and the new site will make its debut on JUNE 30, 2017. Here's are some things you need to know as this will be our second to last blog post on this site.

The New Site Name Is Again? Independent Underground Radio Network.

Where Can I Find It? Via Wordpress Here.

What About Twitter? That has changed too. Find Us On Twitter @IURadioNetwork.

Are You'll All Still On Facebook? Yes, and we are growing over 14K Followers and Subscribers Strong. Check Us Out on FB Here.

What About An App? We Are Updating It As We Speak. Bookmark this post and the new app will debut at the same time as the new website on June 30, 2017.

Are There More Shows Since You Are Calling It A Network Now? 
Shows On The @IURadioNetwork
Shows On The @IURadioNetwork
Yes, indeed. Find out about the shows and their hosts here.

The New Site Name Again?

Are You Still On Blog Talk Radio? Yes, we are. Also, feel free to SUBSCRIBE to our shows on iTunes, Stitcher, Tune-In Radio, PlayerFM, Libsyn, Google Play Music and more. Make sure to leave us a RATING on iTunes.

That's all for now. We will miss the Blogger Platform but we are sincerely looking forward to Wordpress and kicking the new Independent Underground Radio Network to the 11th Level.

Michigan's TOP POLITICO Podcast Network with over 4.5 MILLION LISTENERS cannot wait to show what our next level will look like.

Until next time!

Independent Underground Radio LIVE is Michigan's TOP POLITICO PODCAST with over 4.5 MILLION + lifetime listeners since October 2010 and growing!
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