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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Op/Ed: Lessons Learned Post Election 2016 - Many Truths Have Been Revealed

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Lessons Learned Post Election 2016 - Many Truths Have Been Revealed

Four weeks post election, or nearly four weeks many lessons in the aftermath of Election 2016. The best way to properly break down the lessons are by the use of bullet points.

1. Facebook is not the best medium for social discourse:

As the recent Saturday Night Live Skit on "The Bubble" confirmed, the social media network of Facebook tends to create a special type of hubris.

The hubris' include a minority population can be blamed, shamed for justification for the majority population end result, call outs on privilege does not result in a real reflection on such privilege, and the overall economy for the past four years has been horrible despite low unemployment rates and gasoline under $2.50 on a nationwide average.

Yes, Facebook is "The Bubble" of self-reflection on viewpoints of self-influence despite any other factual realities that clearly exist.

2. Fake News exist due to a deep-seated problem with basic reading comprehension:

Spotting fake news is easy. As easy as reading the Headline, then taking less than five sections to determine if the headline is logical. If such a Headline fails to fill the "Logic" test in five sections, it likely fake and phony.

However, fake news is going nowhere fast as a majority of America's reading population care little to none if the news read is fake, as long as the news justifies their world or personal view.

Examples include a recent article about five random African-American men at a random barber shop and four of whom randomly decided to either not vote in the most recent Presidential Election -- as if visiting any random African-American barber shop on a weekend day after the election would not have produced a similar result.

Using simple logic would conclude this is normal instead of shocking behavior as the overall rate of African-Americans voting in Election 2016 decreased, as a half African-American/half Caucasian Presidential Candidate was NOT present at the top of the ticket -- as was the case in 2008 and 2012.

Voter participation regardless of race or ethnic background was decreased in comparison with the prior two elections overall. However, why should the media promote logic and basic reading comprehension skills when it's so easy to divide the populace based on -- Race.

3. People are generally in agreement until they are not:

Eight short years ago, most individuals would be in agreement "catch phrases" such as "Drain The Swamp", "Grab Them By The *****", and "Make America Great Again" was a combination of silly talk, deeply offensive talk, and first-grade reading level babble.

A majority of individuals eight years prior would also agree America's problems were economic more so than racial in nature.

Fast forward seven years later after many lost homes, salary, personal property, income, assets and whatever wealth had - the Race Wars instead of the Economic War won.

As many decry the Affordable Care Act, they reap the legislation benefits including no lifetime maximums on medical care, adult children up to the age of 26 being eligible to remain on their parent's health care plans and an accessibility to health care at all.

As much more decry about taxes of all sorts - they might equality scratch heads in the years ahead as Social Security and Medicare Benefits for Seniors and the Disabled as cut to the bone or outright eliminated.

As the complaints on which job classifications still has a thin thread a "defined pension plan" many more fail to gain a simple financial reasoning that the 401K so-called "Retirement Plan" is really just a Ponzi Scheme bubble to burst open wide on the last half of Post-Baby Boomer, All of Generation Xers and will be worth nothing at all to the Millennials - as it is designed just that way.

It's always easier to develop a cognitive dissonance based on the lowest common denominator - race, over the true fight, Moral Economics.

4. People generally like pain or there would be nothing to complain about:

People generally vote against their best interests, fail to align with causes if they are lower or middle class are likely to impact them at some point, believe in fairy-tales and rainbows, cannot find time for active participation in political discourse outside of social media and generally just love to complain.

Because if complaining did not exist and life was a general utopia satisfying all common ills, overwhelming happiest and contentment would not fulfill the need to have anything at all to complain about.

So pain and suffering are good. Not really, however jostling on whatever medium that allows pain and suffering is making too many individuals day, week, month or life - instead of taking responsibly to protect the tools comprising of one's well-being and ability to maintain food, clothing, and shelter - or the basic needs of life.

As explained by "The Teachings of Buddism" Life is Suffering:

"If one does not strive towards the good, they will degenerate and fall very quickly. The teaching of "Life is suffering" reminds us not to look forward to enjoyment only and go the wrong way. This is the important implication in the teaching of "Life is suffering", taught by the Buddha."

5. The change will not come without struggle and sacrifice:

On February 5, 2008, then-Senator Barack Obama gave a speech after the nomination contests eight years ago. This is not about soon-to-be former President Barack Obama, as it is regarding the words in the speech.

Unless the American public-at-large truly want, will work tirelessly for and desire true change: nothing will change - and in fact, things will continue to become worst.

"It's different not because of me. It's different because of you  -- because you are tired of being disappointed and you're tired of being let down. You're tired of hearing promises made and plans proposed in the heat of a campaign, only to have nothing change when everyone goes back to Washington. 

Nothing changes because lobbyists just write another check or politicians start worrying about how to win the next election instead of why they should -- or because they focus on who's up and who's down instead of who matters.

And while Washington is consumed with the same drama and divisions and distractions, another family puts up a "For sale" sign in their front yard, another factory shuts its doors, another soldier waves goodbye as he leaves for another tour of duty in a war that should have never been authorized and should have never been waged -- that goes on and on and on....

The stakes are too high and the challenges too great to play the same Washington game with the same Washington players and somehow expect a different result. This time must be different. This time we have to turn the page. This time we have to write a new chapter in American history. This time we have to seize the moment.

They know it in their gut. They know we can do better than we're doing. They know that we can take our politics to a higher level. But they're afraid. They've been taught to be cynical. They're doubtful that it can be done."

Yes, the People are doubtful because the sins of division can be so easily set as proven by the most recent election, as many truths have been awful, revealed.

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