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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What Does One Million More Votes Mean? Time To End The Electoral College

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Any Candidate Who Wins The Most Votes Should Win
An Election. Time For The Undemocratic Electoral College
To End.

One Million More Votes. If the Presidential Election was a State election, decided the same way most states in this union called the United States of America are -- One Million More Votes than any competitor would equal a massive win.

Using the theory of percentages, if an individual or entity received a Majority of votes or support by percentages over another using what is widely known as Majority Rules - they would rule the day.

However, when a majority of votes or a large percentage applies to what is known as Presidential Elections in the United States, the candidate receiving fewer votes - can win. Something is wrong in Kansas and everywhere else with this.

According to news resources, Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton has not only won the popular vote but, has won such a vote by a historical amount. One million votes and still counting

Never in America's History has a candidate has overtaken a competitor by one million votes and failed to win the Presidency.
"Hillary Clinton now leads the national popular vote for president by roughly one million votes, and her victory margin is expanding rapidly. That margin could easily double before the end of an arduous process of counting ballots, reviewing results and reconciling numbers for an official total," the Nation cited. 
But one thing is certain: Clinton’s win is unprecedented in the modern history of American presidential politics. And the numbers should focus attention on the democratic dysfunction that has been exposed. 
When a candidate who wins the popular vote does not take office, when a loser is instead installed in the White House, that is an issue. And it raises questions that must be addressed."

The last time in modern history an Presidential Election was decided by the Electoral College not in synch with the Popular vote was The Famous 2000 Election with Candidates George W. Bush and Al Gore. In this election, which came down to the state of Florida, 537 hanging chads and a U.S. Supreme Court ultimately making the decision on who would be President for what would be the next eight years.

However, George W. Bush was no Donald Trump. Bush won over 40% of the Latino vote and another 20% of the African-American vote - both Men and Women combined of these minority groups.

Also, Bush was not an extremely divisive figure whose first hire to have his ear in his White House, was an Alt-Right pinch salesman named Steve Bannon of either.

Which leads to the clear conclusion The Electorial College is outdated and must be deleted, immediately.

The Electoral College history itself is knee deep in racial biases.

"Standard civics-class accounts of the Electoral College rarely mention the real demon dooming direct national election in 1787 and 1803: slavery," noted Time MagazineAt the Philadelphia convention, the visionary Pennsylvanian James Wilson proposed direct national election of the president.

But the savvy Virginian James Madison responded that such a system would prove unacceptable to the South: “The right of suffrage was much more diffusive [i.e., extensive] in the Northern than the Southern States; and the latter could have no influence in the election on the score of Negroes.”

In other words, in a direct election system, the North would outnumber the South, whose many slaves (more than half a million in all) of course could not vote.

But the Electoral College—a prototype of which Madison proposed in this same speech—instead let each southern state count its slaves, albeit with a two-fifths discount, in computing its share of the overall count."
In other words, Madison only desired to let the Property Owners of Slaves who had no right to vote at all, count its' slaves as 2/5th of a Human Being, a Person or a Body -- to appease the Southern States holding individuals in bondage against their will.

Any free thinker should be more than a bit uncomfortable with a system that counts any individual, regardless of race, as less than another Human Being. However, the Electoral College has no problem with discounting all individuals who participate on Election Day by their vote - as with such a system majority does not rule.

This article could focus more on Donald Trump, the rightful peaceful protests nationwide against his pending Presidency or the highly questionable rumored picks of his cabinet. Yet, instead of doing so, let's just focus on a basic concept.

Majority Rules is a core principle of America's Basic Democracy. Any system, no matter how old that counteracts Majority Rules should and must end.

Outgoing U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer has introduced a bill in the Senate to end the Electoral College. All Americans believing in our Democracy should strongly support and advocate for this measure.

Call Barbara Boxer's Washington, D.C. office at (202) 224-3553 to say you support this bill. Also, call your own State Senator. The time to change an undemocratic system called the Electoral College is now, right now - as this should never happen, again.

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