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Friday, November 11, 2016

Time To Play The Blame Game: Point Fingers Equally Resulting In A "President-Elect" Trump

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The Blame Is Everywhere Resulting In A "President-Elect" Trump. Are You
Willing To Share Your Part of the Blame Circle?
Let's Get Real. Very real. Every American who were an active participant in the debacle resulting in a "President-Elect" Trump is to blame. There is plenty of finger-pointing to go around.

In fact, the only Americans that took a sword for the betterment of this Nation are ones who voted for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Primary and then took a hard a big, hard swallow pill, to vote for Hillary Clinton in the General Election.

Especially considering those around the Former Secretary of State, U.S. Senator and First Lady Hillary Clinton was a contributor to the scheme against Sanders rightfully winning the Democratic Primary.

The Blame Game in Retrospect, To Be Frank As Possible, We Are Sick Of It. Because, Unless Equal Blame Is Assigned To The Following, Folks Need To SHUT IT.

As now we have an Overt Racist Donald J. Trump Going To The White House 1/20/17. The reasons why he will be running all things Washington, D.C. governmental style are ALL the following, in no special order:

1. The Democratic National Committee/DNC - For Cheating Bernie.

2. The 3rd Party Voter -- Because Voting For a Candidate That Cannot Win A State -- Ever Is Just An I Did Not Get My Cake So I'll Overturn The Whole Table Type of Attitude.

3. Hillary Clinton -- For Having Blind Ambition That Might Have Destroyed The Democratic Party For Decades.

4. The Special Snowflake Millennials -- Who Believed They Have "Suffered" Worse Than Those Who Will Lose Healthcare, Food Stamps, Housing, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security Disability and Social Security Who Will Most Definitely Way Worse Suffer Under Trump.

5. Donald Trump -- For Being A Racist, Bigot, Sexist, Idiot And Inspiring Millions of Others To Do The Same.

6. Some Bernie Sanders Supporters Who Failed To Shallow The Big, Hard Pill -- And Sat It Out For Whatever Type Of "Payback" They Thought They Would Get or better described as Cognitive Dissonance.

7. Anyone Of Age That Did Not Vote -- See Point #6 As It's The Same.

8. America's Undercover and Overt Racists - As Learned By Trump's Pearled "Victory" There Are Millions of Them - Who Were Willing To Lie Dormant Until Their new "Leader" Arose.

9. The Mainstream Media -- As They Are Liars and Full Of Propaganda But Many Watch Them Anyway.

10. Wikileaks -- Is There Anything More To Be Said Here, Except If Sanders Would Have Rightfully Received The Nomination, Wikileaks Would Have Hacked His Internal Campaign Communications Too.

11. White People - Just Some White People But, Way Too Many White People Who Think They Top The Pyramid Scheme Of Needs To Come First Before:

African-Americans, Latinos, Asians, Arabs, Any Other Minority Group, When They Don't -- Yet, Just Blame "The Black President" Barack Obama for All Their Self-Perceived Problems.

12. Bill Clinton -- For Wanting to Be "The First Dude" So Badly, He Destroyed What Was A Decent Presidential Legacy from 1992-2000.

13. Anyone, Everyone, All of Them -- That is Not Willing, To Tell The Truth, and Assign Equal Blame To Numbers 1-12 Above.

The Problems are many and solutions will be hard. Now, is the time to share the blame, strategize and plan to prepare for a wildly turbulent ride four years ahead.

Or move out of the country. Either way, do what is best for you and yours now as it is now about, survival.

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