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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Are We Living In Perilous Times? A Biblical Lesson On Presidential Election 2016

Are We Living In Perilous Times? A Biblical Lesson On Presidential Election 2016 | IU News & Talk
Photo Credit: Family Jubilee Church
Are We Living In Perilous Times? A Biblical Lesson On Presidential
Election 2016

Raised Pentecostal, one thing taught was to believe in signs.

Today, while driving, something was seen locality - very much so - that was never experienced before.

The boldest of what was seen -- was shocking. In an urbanized, culturally integrated area. This person in their car was traveling without a second thought or fear of what could have been unknown territory.

Are we living in perilous times?

"In 2 Timothy chapter, 3 Paul warns, “But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come."

What was seen? A car which was white. Either a 1996-1997 "bubble-like" Ford Taraus. Knowing the approximate years of vehicles upon sight is a trait learned over many years.

The driver, unknown, as travel was behind and not on the side of the vehicle.

"According to the Bible, self-love leads to self-deception Just as love of self-produced, self-justification, the love of money produces self-provision characterized by the thought, “I can do it because I can afford it.

Paul previously warned Timothy that “the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. and self-delusion.

According to the world’s ways, when you love yourself supremely you gain self-justification. When you love money you gain self-provision. With these in hand, you have every right to love boasting and be proud of your accomplishments. This leads to self-promotion.'

Are we living in perilous times?

Now back to the car. On the left back window was a "Trump/Pence" Sign that immediately caught the eye - and not in a good way. Next to the right, a white sheet of paper, cut into a large square, stuck on the window itself.

The paper first had a circle with a triangular line in the circle. On the left of the circle were the words "No Arabs". At the top., "k**l Isis". In the middle of the circle, to the bottom and top of this triangular line, the words, "Hillary for Prison" were present.

"Thanksgiving flows from the lesser to the greater. These people hate recognizing anyone but themselves. To be “unthankful” to either God or man for their provision is to declare that everyone else in their life as lesser in stature and unworthy of respect. They seem to be only “set apart” unto their own pleasures.

To slander is to have no concern for the truth. To lack self-control shows an unwillingness to change. To be brutal is to show no limit of wrath. In the end, people who exhibit these characteristics love to cause conflict."

Are we living in perilous times?

You might not believe in any religion or none at all.

However, is there a person that displays the characteristics quoted above, during the time where time itself could be perilous. Creating conflict and mass confusion while vying for the highest office in the land?

Photo Credit - Quotesgram
The car, in a highly questionable place, within an area were things such as are rarely seen, boldly without worry or fear caused a thought to emerge.

Where are we as a society? Has an individual set a course of actions that unless seen, told and strategically planned against -- could have the Earth experiencing Perilous Times?

Was it a sign? Has there been much more the last year or two? Does one candidate Donald J, Trump clearly displays all symbolism of Perilous Times?
Time, Signs and Faith intersected.

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