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Monday, September 26, 2016

Wake Up And Smell The Cappuccino - Either Clinton or Trump Will Be President

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Although there are four candidates in the race 
for President of the United States in 2016, in reality,  there are really just two - Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

The Primaries Are Over! Repeat! The Primaries Are Over. Denying the reality results is a cognitive dissonance of the highest proportions.  Bernie Sanders will not be on a ballot near you.

Other candidates might appear as a selection for President of the United States near you, as in Jill Stein, Gary Johnson or another fringe contender. However, these candidates have a snowball's chance in H.E. double hockey sticks of winning just one state.

In the end, the real contest is between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Now is the time to get use to what is real versus what's not.

Let's start with another dose of reality. To become President of the United States requires winning a certain number of states for the candidate to receive at least 270 or above total of Electoral College delegates or Electors

In fact, since September 6, 1787, when the first proposal of an Electoral College roadmap was presented at the Constitutional Convention, winning a division of States has been required to be the United States President.

Just over fifty years later in 1845 the term "College of Electors" was adopted into Federal Law by 3 U.S. Code § 4.

For a candidate to have any chance what-so-ever of becoming President of the United States, the candidate must win the "College of Electors" vote - and that is determined by winning states delegates totalling 270 or above.

What the Electoral College looks like on a map? It looks like this:

Photo Credit - 270 to Win - What The Electorial College Looks Like on a Map

Photo Credit - 270 to Win - What The Electoral College Looks Like on a Map
Now, we will take a Schoolhouse Rock Moment in time.

If the candidate one claims to support has little to no chance of winning more than one of 50 states in the Union on November 8, 2016, widely known as the United States, the candidate cannot win. Repeat. The Candidate cannot win.

Two candidates that cannot win as a known fact right now, this moment are the "Green Party" contender in Jill Stein and "Libertarian Party" choice former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson.

Why Stein and Johnson cannot win?

Well first, both have ran for the office of President before. In 2012 to be exact. Johnson and Stein are what as known as repeater Candidates, nominated by each of their parties likely due to a tactic called name affiliation.

Due to name affiliation only, Johnson and Stein were re-nominated as political party entities or personalities if one will - despite the fact that neither Stein or Johnson received more than 1% each or just shy of 1.7 million votes for President combined, in 2012.

As 2012 candidates Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney proved, it frankly takes plenty more than 1.7 mil
lion votes in country of 300 million citizens, to become President:

Photo Credit - Wikipedia - 2012 United States Presidential Contest Vote Totals
Photo Credit - Wikipedia - 2012 United States Presidential Contest Vote Totals

What does this mean for all idealists reading the above and loudly stating in their head, "A Vote for Stein or Johnson is a vote against the system, power, the man, an oligarchy or insert other noun or adjective?"

A vote for Stein or Johnson can be all of those things, however, it would be a hard argument to win that such a vote is not a wasted vote - in light of the facts presented.

Photo Credit-Huffington Post - What "Not Voting" Looks Like
Photo Credit-Huffington Post - What "Not Voting" Looks Like

Even Republican U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas said boldly at the 2016 GOP Convention to "Vote Your Conscience" and less than two months thereafter saw some type of light and boldly flip-flopped to acclaim Cruz was voting for Donald Trump - a known racist.

The Daily Caller, best describes what the confessional booth of Cruz did as a Con.
Good news for everybody who booed when Ted Cruz told you to vote your conscience: He didn’t really mean it.
And that is because Politics is about who can win, not might win or has no snowball's chance in H.E. Double Hockey sticks could win - it is about winners, plain and simple.

Which circles back to the reality on Who Can Really, Win.

The real race for President of the United States in 2016 is between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Call it "Lesser of Two Evils" or the "Choices Had" but one of these two candidates will be the next President. Period.

Trump is a known bigot, likely racist and even more likely fascist among other "ists". Aside from Trump's lack of any sort of political correctness with words coming out of his mouth, his state of erraticism makes Donald Trump a downright dangerous choice for President of the United States.

Look at his supporters below, if more proof is needed:

Presidents can start wars, drop the stock markets and ascend world chaos by words coming out of his or her mouth. Can the President be a vis–à–vis "emperor without clothes" type of position? Sure it can, as in itself, power has many interconnecting spider legs on prism pyramid scheme.

Nevertheless, to entrust such power to a narcissist like Trump, is a periled and errored view.

Next, there is Hillary Clinton. A Woman who has been connected to the world all things Washington, D.C. for well over 30 years in positions such as a lawyer during Watergate, First Lady of Arkansas twice over, First Lady of the United States, Senator, former Presidential Candidate and Secretary of State.

As with Johnson and Stein, Clinton ran for the Democratic Presidential Nomination in 2008 and lost to the current President Barack Obama. The difference is now as a major Party Nominee - that is the Democratic Party - in 2016 she has a chance to win.

Clinton's decisions in her 30 plus years of access to power or having power itself has not been the best. Whether such as voting for the errored War in Iraq, to her known ties to Wall Street, statements like "Bringing Them to Heel" when talking about the drug dealers and users of the late 1980's and early 1990's, to the Syria crisis of today.

Photo Credit - CNN - Either Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump
or Democratic Presidential Nominee will become President-Elect on
November 9, 2016.
On the other hand, electing a known inexperienced bigot, fascist and likely racist is not a cup of tea anyone should desire to drink -- as in Donald Trump. Embarking on a scorched earth strategy with an Ego Filled Fascist like Trump or sitting this election out by not voting, will not change the ultimate result.

Neither will a vote for Stein or Johnson in an effort to "stick it to the man" as these candidates cannot win, one state.

Voters can participate in the choice for President, or not. Other voters can and some will "vote their conscience" to check a ballot box for Stein or Johnson.

And those who fully understand that Trump cannot step one toe in the White House in a position of Power and Control -- will elect Hillary Clinton

This is the Reality. Wake Up and Smell The Cappuccino.

Issues such as student debt, the economy, climate change, civil rights, social security, the Supreme Court, appointments to the U.S. Appellate Courts and Districts, education, health care, Medicare, a Woman's Right to Choose, Veterans Rights, the environment, war and peace plus much more are on the line.

Do you trust an erratic ego filled, the flip-flop of the lip flip-flopper, amongst other things to deal with real life issues -- in Donald Trump? If so, don't panic at the disco on November 9, 2016, if this unimaginable future becomes a reality due to haphazard idealism.

Cause in the end either Clinton or Trump Will Be President.

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