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Monday, May 30, 2016

Flint Water Crisis Update: Eight Months After National Reveal Nothing Changed On The Ground

In The End, The Flint Water Crisis Two Years and Months Later
Comes Down To Are All of Flint's Residents Safe To Drink The Water
Expelling From Their Taps. The Question Has Yet To Be Answered.
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As the first independent media resource to report on the Flint Water Crisis in March 2015, we'll be first to admit -- we stop covering this tragedy in February 2016. Not long after filming the mini-documentary titled "Flint Water Crisis - Real People, Real Stories Real Life" highlighting residents stories in the City Limits of Flint, Michigan of how they dealt with a toxic water disaster expelling from faucets, sinks and other water output resources in what was once dubbed as "Buick City".

Why did we at Independent Underground News & Talk stop reporting on the Flint Water Crisis considering our small independent media resource originally broke much of what has been regurgitated "breaking news" over the year plus?

We foreseen what is now the sad reality six months later post the first December 2015 National Media story in the Washington Post. Not much has changed for Flint's poorest and most suffering residents on the ground with being able to trust water coming out of their taps, at all.

View The Mini-Documentary - Flint Water Crisis: Real Stories, Real People, Real Life - Below

How did it get here?

Here to the point after millions and possibly billions of donated funds raised, a national media onslaught, a state governor who at one point had the lowest overall approval rating in the nation for his inept delayed response to a toxic water crisis in a state he leads, lawsuits filed, a new mayor, celebrities running in and out of town in Flint and a self-promoted "Town Hall" event on behalf of MSNBC's Rachel Maddow -- nothing at all truly have been fixed in Flint, yet.

To this day, to shop for fresh groceries, Flint residents either must travel to a Farmer's Market in downtown Flint closed in Michigan's winter months, hope for hodgepodge of pickings at a corner store or drive outside Flint's city limits to experience shopping for fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy and more - most residents of Michigan can receive by driving less than 1 mile within their town.

Nothing much in Flint has changed, at all.

However, the band plays on as in the out of tune instruments at this point, fighting for a moment of attention. So many instruments are playing to the beat of their on drums, it is difficult for residents to know which notes are the true notes to follow.

Eight months later post National Media revealations, the story is as followed:

As the first independent media resource to cover the Flint Water Crisis, it is not surprising in the least -- the road has led to what has been reported by Corporate Sponsored Media resource of M-Live titled "Unity turns to mutiny as Flint water crisis activists battle each other" on May 29. 
"There's a civil war brewing among activists in the Flint water crisis, creating divisions and hard feelings that threaten to overshadow the work they've done and the reasons they came together in the first place." wrote reporter Ron Fonger from MLive.

"This is a natural consequence of a complete and total loss of trust. It's post-traumatic stress," said Marc Edwards, a Virginia Tech university professor who coordinated testing that first identified widespread lead contamination in Flint's water.

Edwards and citizen activists have been credited for their persistence in questioning the safety and quality of water here since the city changed its source to the Flint River more than two years ago.

The coalition held together since — even after state and local officials assured them there was nothing to worry about."
In fact, this was predictable as soon as the faces of the Flint Water Crisis became about some select faces instead of the 99,000+ residents within the City limits of Flint.

The famous fifteen minutes of fame for some, extended to 30 minutes, yet the end results are still the same. Flint's poorest, most suffering residents from this toxic water tragedy continue to suffer.

Where are the national players now with famous names like:
Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev., Dr. Jamal Bryant, Michael Moore, Cher, Mark Ruffalo, Snoop Dogg, Rickey Smiley, Phaedra Parks, Rev. Al Sharpton, Erin Brockovich, Rachel Maddow, a "presumptive" Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton and more as these are just a few of the names that made their Celebrity Face known during the heights of the corporate sponsored media onslaught about the Flint Water Crisis.

Where exactly are they now? Not in Flint, Michigan - that is for sure.

Next, there are "Local Celebrities". There is zero need to recite them by name as they know who they are and each reader of this article likely know their names too. Still the question that has yet to be answered is has the situation on-the-ground in Flint really changed much as a result of their national and local corporate sponsored media pursuits?

Well, this question silently remains unanswered.

As for the local politics situation - from resources who have contacted us -- it's a mess to wrap it up in a box tied with a unkept bow.

To date, the lead service lines not been replaced in Flint. Instead, a highly questionable move called "re-coating" the same lead service lines that leaked lead plus other harmful chemical combinations into Flint's city water for over two years has been tried because, it's cheaper - supposedly.

Is it safer than replacing the lead pipes? Likely not, but after millions or possibly billions of dollars donated to Flint to assist with a toxic water crisis in its' miss - cheaper over possibly safer the powers-that-be have decided is "safer"

Speaking of Powers-That-Be, Michigan's Governor Rick Snyder still and will likely have until December 31, 2018 -- his job as Governor. Three low-level state employees were charged by Michigan's Attorney General and next Republican candidate for Governor in 2018, Bill Schuette-on-Duty office.

How is that going -- the charges that is? No one knows.

It is doubtful the "top banana-rama" Governor Rick Snyder will ever be charged with any crime State or Federal wise -- before his term is done or maybe never, ever. That happenstance is downright sad.

The Michigan National Guard has left the building or many of them they were stationed in within the Flint City Limits. It is assumed on the outside looking in, by this move, the Emergency has passed.

Or has it? Was it all a temporary smoke screen until the minds of many that cared moved onto an election no one really cares about between Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump? Who knows.

As stated above, this was predictable.

When a group named the Flint Water Scandal tried to corner the Independent Media market as if they broke the story originally anytime before October 2015 - we knew then the circus had begun.

Sadly, we are witnessing the "Fat Lady" tuning up in preparations to call this show OVER in retrospect -- because reality says not much as really changed. 

Many residents in Flint still do not, should believe or know if the water coming out of their sinks, faucets and bathtubs is safe. Others have decided this mess is too much and have packed up -- and moved away. Some continue to suffer silently with nowhere else to go.

Children, Adults and Animals alike are wondering if the rashes on their skin will ever truly go away. Attorneys left and right have made big promises that might or might not come to fruition years - if not decades - down the line. 

The game players are still playing on -- dealing the last cards -- and....

Is anything better than it was one year ago in Flint. Well, YOU be the judge.

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