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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The October Surprise in July: Will Election 2000 Deja Vu Again

Photo Credit - The Toledo Blade  Could U.S. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Ohio Governor John Kasich (R) pull a October Surprise for the Republican Party in June to stop Donald J. Trump path to the GOP nomination.
Photo Credit - The Toledo Blade
Could U.S. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Ohio Governor
John Kasich (R) pull a October Surprise for the Republican Party in July
to stop Donald J. Trump path to the GOP nomination. 

It appears the fat lady is singing and Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic Nominee after performing a Super Tuesday 3.0 Democratic Sweep on March 15.

Nevertheless, what if the lady is just tuning up for a Election 2000 Deja Vu with the names of Ohio and Florida deciding the next President of the United States.


UPDATE 3-16-16: Bookmark this article as we at Independent Underground News & Talk -- called it first, just like we called Bernie Sanders winning the Michigan Primary -- FYI.

From Politico - March 16:

"Former Speaker John Boehner said Paul Ryan should be the Republican nominee for president if the party fails to choose a candidate on the first ballot," said Politico on March 16, a day after the Republican Super Tuesday 3.0 Primary where GOP Candidate Donald Trump won all five states up for grabs. 
"If we don't have a nominee who can win on the first ballot, I'm for none of the above," Boehner said at the Futures Industry Association conference here. "They all had a chance to win. None of them won. So I'm for none of the above. I'm for Paul Ryan to be our nominee."
Again, one would be wise to bookmark this article for historical reference in July 2016. Now, back to the original article.

Tuesday, March 15 will be a day that will live in infamy. Over a year the Mainstream Media has told the public-at-large it's all about Donald J. Trump versus Hillary Rodham Clinton.

However, what if only one of the Media Crowned Nominees actually make it past their respective political parties conventions?

Democratic Presidential nominee contender U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) had a bad night on Tuesday. To spin it any other way would not do his campaign, supporters or economic justice platform any justice.

Sanders could not lose Illinois, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina and Missouriand still win the Democratic Party nomination. Not only the math is not favor but the campaign's momentum has basically disappeared in just one night.

Sanders can and should take his platform to the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If he will be allowed to push a platform on a Hillary Clinton ticket remains a mystery at best.

So what happens from here.

The Republican Party "Hail Mary" in the fourth quarter happens except in this case, Mary will be named Congressman and Speaker of the U.S. House, Paul Ryan (R) from Wisconsin.

As the late 2Pac sung in the song "Hail Mary" -- "Come with me, Hail Mary, Run, Quick See. What do we have here now, do you want to ride or die," the Republicans could stop all things Donald J. Trump by riding with the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Paul Ryan.
"You know, I haven't given any thought to this stuff," Ryan said Tuesday night in an exclusive interview at the Capitol via CNBC. "People say, 'What about the contested convention?' I say, well, there are a lot of people running for president. We'll see. Who knows."
This is coming from the same individual that equality "did not seek" to  be Speaker of the House, either.
“This is not a job I’ve ever wanted, I’ve ever sought,” Ryan said to the Washington Post in October 2015. “I came to the conclusion that this is a very dire moment, not just for Congress, not just for the Republican Party, but for our country,”
Ryan became Speaker of the House for the Republican Party when former Ohio Congressman John Boehner (R) stepped down amiss what can best be described as losing support of his GOP Caucus. For the "good" of "The Republican Party" future for whatever that means - Paul Ryan stepped up to the plate.

Democrats would be wise to remember, it was Paul Ryan who was Mitt Romney's nominee in 2012 before both Romney and Ryan lost to President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

Yet, in 2016 Obama is term-limited from running for President of the United States, and Joe Biden ruled out a run for the Executive Office Position in 2015.

Next, the math does not look swell for Democrats or their likely Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton because of the Independent vote.
"Mrs. Clinton’s victories in Florida and North Carolina were due in large part to minorities: black voters in both states, and Hispanics in Florida as well. The Sanders campaign had been expecting to lose Florida, given that only Democrats could participate in the primary and he tends to perform better when independents are in the mix," the New York Times noted on March 15.
"In Ohio exit polls, Mrs. Clinton was far ahead among black voters, but she and Mr. Sanders ran closely among white voters. As in Michigan, Mr. Sanders was drawing huge support from independents and voters under age 30, while Mrs. Clinton was popular with Democrats and voters over 45."
This is where Ohio, Ohio, Ohio will play into the Election 200 Deja Vu mix of GOP potpourri with no other than Governor John Kasich (R-Ohio). Yes, you read that correct John Kasich - the GOP Vice Presidential candidate with Paul Ryan heading the ticket.

Kasich who promised to deliver Ohio and its state "Winner Take All Primary" to stop Trump did just that on March 15.

And Kasich did not waste anytime at all boasting to all that would hear, he is "The Man" that can stop all things named Donald J. Trump.
“It’s been my intention to make you proud,” Mr. Kasich told a roaring crowd in Berea, Ohio, adding a favorite line in the New York Times Tuesday night. “I will not take the low road to the highest office in the land.”
So where does this all leave the other state in Election 2000 Deja Vu, Florida, Florida, Florida at? Here is where.

With Florida's Senator Marco Rubio (R) and for all purposes that count former Governor Jeb Bush on the sidelines, both Rubio and Bush would come together for the quest of delivering Florida for a Ryan/Kasich ticket. What the has-beens would receive in return are jobs in a Paul Ryan/John Kasich administration in no other than Washington, D.C.

And there is a little asterisk in the Republican National Committee rules that could provide a "Hail Mary" assist to the Ryan/Kasich "Stop All Things Trump" plot.

From Time - March 9, 2016:

So how does a candidate become the Republican nominee for President? 
A total of 2,472 voting delegates will gather in Cleveland at the Republican National Convention, which starts on July 18. The nominee will be the first person to get the votes of at least 1,237 of those delegates, or a majority of those present. 
If Trump enters the convention with more delegates than anyone else, can he be stopped at the convention? 
Yes, as long as he does not get the support of a majority of the delegates on the first ballot. That’s when things could get weird fast. The contested convention that follows could overturn the will of the majority or plurality of Republican voters who voted in primaries and caucuses.
Still questions might exist, what about Hillary. Exactly what about Hillary.

Clinton will pick to sure up the "Progressive" vote, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D) - otherwise known as Liberal Lion 2.0 from the great state of Massachusetts.

Nevertheless, Warren's late race entry at the Democratic Convention, along with Sanders Progressives angst for Warren not actively supporting the Vermont Senator's former quest to be the Democratic nominee -- might equal a lost for Clinton's goals in November 2016.

Thus, a October Surprise in July is not a far-fetched thought, after all.

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