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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Rick Snyder Recall 3.0: The People Have Likely Been Hookwinked Before It Starts

Independent Underground News & Talk: Photo Credit - - Have Michigan Residents seeking to recall embattled Governor Rick Snyder, the state leader during the Flint Water Crisis, been Hoodwinked by a Tea-Party Republican Approved Recall Petition?
Photo Credit -
Have Michigan Residents seeking to recall embattled Governor Rick
Snyder, the state leader during the Flint Water Crisis, been Hoodwinked
by a Tea-Party Republican Approved Recall Petition?

The initial excitement was huge. 

Mainstream Media Resources and Bloggers Across the Nation Were Happy As Pleased Delicious Happy Pie, Michigan's Embattled Governor Rick Snyder Would Face a Recall Effort In 2016. 

Especially After The Unbelievable Mess And Tragic Situation in Flint, Michigan A Real Recall Effort Would Be The Least Governor Rick Snyder Deserves, Right?

Unless, It Was All A Twisted Public Relations, Trick.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We have Great Fans At Independent Underground News & Talk, So One Of Our Facebook Followers - Brian H. Gave Us A Bit Of Valuable Insight On Michigan's Updated Recall Law. 

The Law Was Revised in 2012 After the Twice Failed Recall Attempt Of Governor Rick Snyder By Ad-Hoc Public Policy Group called Michigan Rising.

Photo Credit - Independent Underground News & Talk Facebook Page |  Rick Snyder Recall 3.0: The People Have Likely Been Hookwinked Before It Starts
Photo Credit - Independent Underground News & Talk Facebook Page
Then We Checked The Law and Found Out Brian Was Right On Point.

168.969 Further recall petition; filing.Sec. 969. 
After filing a recall petition and after a recall election, a recall general election, or special recall election under this chapter, no further recall petition shall be filed against the same incumbent of that office during the term for which he or she is elected. 
History: 1954, Act 116, Eff. June 1, 1955 ;-- Am. 2012, Act 417, Imd. Eff. Dec. 20, 2012 Popular Name: Election Code

Thus, if Macomb Tea-Party Favorited Son Ben Lazarus does nothing with his "Approved" Recall Petition but gather one signature in two separate 60 day periods, no other recall petitions can be filed against Governor Rick Snyder for at least, one year.

Furthermore, the recall law 2012 update does not allow for any recall attempt to take place against an elected official their first or last year of an elected term in office.

Hookwinked, indeed.
We'll be first to admit or fall upon the sword of Bamboozled, as we at Independent Underground News & Talk were fooled too initially.

In the past year there have been at numerous efforts to have petition language approved against the Governor.

Detroit, Michigan Pastor Angelo Scott Brown put a total of four recall efforts before the Board of State Canvassers over the Flint Water Crisis in 2015. Three of the four were rejected by the Board mysteriously and one was withdrawn.

Another effort took place on January 28, and this is what happened when Flint, Michigan resident Quincy Murphy filed a petition. When filing the petition, Quincy cited he desired to recall Snyder for "Failing to protect the health and safety of the citizens of Flint, which has resulted in a state of emergency for Genesee County due to toxic lead levels in the drinking water."

However, Quincy's effort was in vain just like Pastor Brown's attempts prior.

As Governor Rick Snyder's Attorney John Pinch told the Michigan Board of Canvassers and they believed - even after Snyder's December 29, 2015, "apology" for Flint's Water Crisis, that - Murphy petition did not meet the legal standard because it "consists of Mr. Murphy's unsubstantiated opinions and conclusions." 

Yet on February 8, one man's petition out of nine other attempts the same day, was approved. Now, first it is important to note that Governor Rick Snyder appoints all the officials on the Board of Canvassers. The board's make up is supposedly two Democrats and two Republicans.

However, reviewing whose petition for Recalling Rick Snyder the two-two political party
Photo Credit - Ben Lazarus Twitter
split the Board approved, led astray might best describe the history of Republican Tea-Party Favored Son out of Macomb County, Ben Larazus.

From Politically Speaking Blog by Chad Selewski October 2014:

A strange thing happened on the way to Gov. Snyder's re-election win. 
In his (likely) final TV ad of the campaign, the Republican incumbent includes a shot of a young man who appears to be Ben Lazarus, a decidedly pro-tea party, anti-Snyder GOP activist. 
It's just a brief screen appearance, along with a few other young people, as Snyder narrates about his accomplishments in this 30-second spot titled "Forward." 
Of all the loyal Republicans in Michigan, it's puzzling, to say the least, that a controversial figure like Lazarus would be chosen for a cameo in a Snyder commercial. 
Lazarus, 24, is best known as a Snyder critic on social media and as the campaign manager for tea party congressional candidate Alan Arcand during this summer's primary election season. 
In his bid for the U.P./northern Michigan 1st District seat, Arcand ran to the far right of incumbent GOP Congressman Dan Benishek, in part with the support of Republican National Committee member Dave Agema. 
In Macomb County, Lazarus is best known as the Warren Consolidated Schools board member who successfully ran for office in 2012 by campaigning to block "outsiders" from the district's schools -- at the same time that he was 1,100 miles away in Florida. 
At the time, Lazarus was attending Stetson University near Orlando. Yet, he was urging Warren suburbanites to reject "schools of choice" by electing a board member (himself) who would end enrollment by those without ties to the district.
He barely skirted the racial implications of his message -- with kids coming to Warren Consolidated from Detroit -- with this campaign robo-call: “When I found out that outsiders attend our schools for free, I was afraid for my kids ... When it comes to my children, Ben Lazarus is the only candidate I trust.”

Run Amok is the best way to describe whatever are the motives of Lazarus on his approved recall langauge against Rick Snyder. Is Lazarus serious in his intention to recall Michigan's Governor, which according to the MLive was based on "aims to recall Snyder for creating the State School Reform/Redesign Office."

    Video Credit - OneRedBoot77

Or is the creation of an office by Governor Snyder, more important to warrant a recall than the lead and other chemical poisoning of an entire city - called Flint, Michigan.

The same City Governor Snyder "apologized" to at the end of December but, refused to answer questions on the bequest of U.S. Congressional Representatives, on Monday, February 8

Especially after nine other attempts to have language to recall Governor Snyder directly related to the Flint Water Crisis - the same day - were rejected for alleged "misspellings" when Lazarus petition language was approved over an at, best trivial issue.

Maybe Governor Rick Snyder "Nerd Fund 3.0 - Moving Forward" Dark Money Financed Public Relations Team, is working quite hard after all completely Hookwinking the People of Flint, and Michigan.

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