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Monday, January 18, 2016

Op/Ed -Flint Water Crisis: Time Thought Leaders Address The Systematic Genocide

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Who will address the solutions to lead to an conclusion a lack clean water leads
to generational systematic genocide for Residents of Flint, Michigan and beyond.

In Michigan, it has been quite a year and is posed to be another interesting week. More rallies, gatherings and more will take place as it relates to Flint, Michigan's on-going clean water crisis. However, the shock and awe has worn thin. An uneasiness is building into minds of long-term thought leaders or should, for what has happened in Flint . The term is Systematic Genocide.

An Independent Underground News & Talk Op/Ed:

Questions include is this crisis just centrally or hyper-focused located just in Flint, Michigan? How exactly does the data proves a conclusion that no lead or other toxins have leeched into free flowing water outside of Flint into other areas of Genesee County?

What is the scientific independently verified data to quantify the theory no other city, township or village in Genesee County is impacted by what can be named the worst environmental ruination in recent time, in Michigan's history?

We do know as of yet. What is known is that Water is used for a number of basic necessities of life tasks. Humans bathe in water and drink water.

Humans also aggregate plants, grass, gardens and all things that grow with water. Water runs off into a underground basin and become waste-water that is normally treated at a local plant but, only occurs after processing. Until then, water travels on surface and underground.

Water is required for humans life.
Three/Fifths of content comprising of the human anatomy is made up of Water.

Michigan has the largest Freshwater resource in the entire world.

Photo Credit - | Independent Underground News & Talk - Flint Water Crisis
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Michigan has the Largest Freshwater Resource
in the World
If Michigan's Freshwater resource was compromised intentionally or not, the end result does great damage to our world environmental well beyond Michigan and Flint.

Due to the unknown and its long-term impacts relating to Flint's Water Crisis, now is time to move beyond the easier group-think portions of initial-stage tactics, actions or events.

Moving the needle forward, way forward - to what can be a downright sobering free fall beyond momentarily rallies, marketing schemes or other tactics which are easier on surface to launch onto - instead of opening ones eyes and ears to the Facts.


A Genocide started in Flint, Michigan. Let us repeat, A Genocide has started in Flint, Michigan.

According to Webster Dictionary, the term Genocide is defined as the following:

"The deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group."
Systematic is defined as Et al.:
"Relating to or consisting of a system
Presented or formulated as a coherent body of ideas or principles
Methodical in procedure or plan "
Let's examine conjoining partially definitions of the words "Genocide" and "Systematic".

Flint, Michigan mass is a economical depressed underclass populace comprising of upwards of 50% in total population and majority African-American, according to the U.S. Census Departments data.

The City's total population was forced to accept an implanted governmental system of Emergency Management. The system was imposed by the Governing Body of Michigan.

Emergency Management Law, Public Act 4 of 2011 and its
Photo Credit | Independent Underground News & Talk
Photo Credit - Independent Underground News & Talk
Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and his Flint Appointed
Emergency Managers (L to R) Michael Brown, Ed Kurtz,
Darrel Earley and Jerry Amborse.
subsequent act Public Act 436 of 2012 system, Emergency Managers Michael Brown, Ed Kurtz, Darrel Earley and Jerry Amborse used the laws mandate body of capitalistic ideas, priniciples and localized orders for Flint's Municipal Water System.

Each of the Emergency Managers were appointed into duty by the State's Highest Elected Official and Chief Executive Officer, Rick Snyder.

The Plan to make Flint's periled switch from the Detroit Water and Sewer Department to the corrosive Flint River without a strategy to chemically and scientifically treat the water was methodical, in procedure and implementation.

Thus the working theory that Flint Water Crisis is a 21st Century form of Systematic Genocide, just morphed into a hypothesis.

Which leads directly into this next unsettling hypothesis or fact, if one will.

Michigan, not just Detroit, is effectively BANKRUPT, now.


Photo Credit - | Independent Underground News & Talk
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The amount of annual projected taxable revenue collected from Michigan's Citizens year alone into the General and School Aid Funds of was $20,972,500 million dollars for 2015-16, or 90 percent the State's total revenue -- or dramatically less than what's needed to pay initial costs for what occurred to Flint, Michigan.

A projection three years using 2015-16 estimated data tax revenue or $69,920,500 million not do it either -- as President Obama last week signed upwards of a $96 million dollar initial federal government aid package for Flint.

The Federal Government has stepped up in assisting Flint, Michigan's Crisis however a majority of that money will be loaned to the State of Michigan but is that forever as President Obama is slanted to leave office January 19, 2016.

Which lead to another open question on who is paying the Government back?

Is it Governor Rick Snyder out of his multi-million dollar personal portfolio? How about Flint's Former Emergency Managers Brown, Kurtz, Earley and Amborse?

Will Michigan's Department of Environment Quality remove its operational budgetary allocation for what could be the next ten years plus to provide monetary remedies to Flint?

Possibly a mixer of all the named parties above pay a part or, not at all.

However, what certain is the taxpayers of Michigan will pay the overwhelming majority of any long-term costs relating to Flint, Michigan Genocide.


Let's get comfortable with the term GENOCIDE, as that what has effectively happened to Flint.

Lead once it enters the body can settle in the Human bone structure for life and the World Health Organization states the following:

  • Lead in the body is distributed to the brain, liver, kidney and bones. It is stored in the teeth and bones, where it accumulates over time. Human exposure is usually assessed through the measurement of lead in blood. 
  • There is no known level of lead exposure that is considered safe.
  • Lead poisoning is entirely preventable.
Human bone structure is made up of blood cells, collagen and nuclei passed to future offspring by DNA and the passage of blood type of the Mother or Father - but usually the Mother.

The science and date has proven beyond a shadow of doubt lead, and its awful effects are passed from generation to generation. As a peer reviewed study from the Scientific Reports published September 29, 2015 notes:
"During the establishment of the new DNA methylation profile of germ cells, the chromatin is accessible to DNA methyl-transferases (DNMTs), DNA demethylation enzymes such as ten-eleven translocases (TET), and histone modifying enzymes.

Fetal exposure to environmental toxicants during this process may cause aberrant changes in the DNA methylation and histone modification profiles4. In the later developmental stages, the DNA methylation pattern is maintained by the maintenance DNA methyltransferase (DNMT1)12.

This may contribute to transmission of epigenetic traits from the mother to her grandchildren. For this study, we assume that the locus specific DNA methylation changes due to Pb exposure in the mother was carried over to her grandchildren because she exposed her fetal germ cells during the implantation stage of her pregnancy."
And that's just lead. What about the other toxins found in Flint's water as a result of the systematic mismanagement GENOCIDE allowed to occur.

Only a small number of people are talking about this fact.


Between the numbers and the long-term impact of what has happened to Flint's estimated 100K residents -- there is no time for selling opportunity marketers promoting short-term "feel good for a moment" solutions - as the crisis in Flint is GENOCIDE.

Likewise, we have yet to know the sheer magnitude of Flint, Michigan water crisis and where it extensions. Is it just in Flint, throughout Genesee County or more widespread?

This is a time for thought leaders, financial experts, medical personnel, behavioral specialists, economic development planners, environmentalists, organizational leadership experts, non-profits and more work together with the core and singular focus, to add long-range planning solutions -- for the systematic GENOCIDE of Flint's Residents.

The best way to think about this as similar in World War II a nuclear bomb has not been planted in Japan this time -- but onto Flint by the actions of Michigan's Governor Snyder, Emergency Managers and Anyone Who Knew the City's Water was Toxic, and said nothing.

Video Credit - Sriharsha Mannava You Tube Channel

When Hiroshima occurred, history does not provide scholarly research to track moments where those outside of the affected for basic survival, were selling T-Shirts for $5.00 in a effort to capitalize off of the areas GENOCIDE. Less known conducting rallies for the sake of gatherings without any concrete solutions or points of action.

We are focused on providing the necessary insight to solutions-based action planning to this GENOCIDE, and welcome those ideas to be forwarded by email.

The Opportunity Marketers can go home -- wherever their home is, in Michigan. The People of Flint need solutions only - to address the GENOCIDE among its' and possibly the entire state, midst.

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