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Monday, January 25, 2016

Flint Water Crisis: Detroit Former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Speaks

Flint Water Crisis | Detroit Former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Speaks | Photo Credit Detroit Free Press Archives
Photo Credit - Detroit Free Press Archives
Detroit, Michigan former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick
alleges in letter from Prison both Republican and Democratic
officials knew over a decade ago, systematic and financial issues
existed with Flint's Water System.

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick (D) might be serving 27 years in a Federal Correctional Institution in El Reno, OK.

However, Detroit's former Mayor current living arrangements is not hindering his ability to weight in on Flint, Michigan Toxic Water Crisis - blaming both past and present Republican and Democratic officials for Flint's current state.

According to Kilpatrick discussions surrounding the mismanagement of Flint's Water Department started back in 2004. Michigan's former Governor Jennifer Granholm (D) -now Chief Adviser to Hillary Clinton's Presidential Campaign-, selected members of then Democratically controlled Michigan Legislature, Southeastern Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG) and Genesee County Officials were all parties to Flint Water issues at the time - Kilpatrick detailed in a January 19 Facebook post.

Two years later in 2006, Kilpatrick claims negotiations begun to place Flint's Water Department on the Detroit Water and Sewer System. SEMCOG, Genesee Counties Drain Commissioner, a State Senator, and a State House Member all from Genesee County Kilpatrick alleges, opposed the deal.

Kilpatrick also states former U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan - the late Justice John Feikens was fully aware of the negotiations nearly ten years prior, along with former Governor Jennifer Granholm - who left office by way of term limits in 2010.

As for what current Governor Rick Snyder knew, Kilpatrick says of Snyder is being "viciously, aggressively, and deliberately untruthful" when claiming he was only recently made aware of Flint Water System structural and equipment woes.

Read the entire January 19 statement by Detroit's former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, below. 



Just so you all know. We (The Detroit Water and Sewage Department) were talking about the problems of the Flint Water Department (financial management, ability to perform, cleanliness of water, elimination of contaminants, mercury levels, lead levels) back in 2004. We knew (our folks in Detroit, SEMCOG, Genesee County Officials, some members of the State Legislature, and the Governor at that time) new that there were significant issues with all of those items.

In 2006 we attempted to craft a deal to put them on our water system. We were in negotiations, led by Victor Mercado, for months, and I wanted to make it work. I attended one meeting, and was on a conference call for another, expressing my willingness to make this work. SEMCOG and Judge Fiekens was also aware of this. SEMCOG was against the Agreement!

BUT, the people in Genesee County, at the table during that time (the County Drain Commissioner & his staff, a State Senator, and a State House Member all from Genesee County) wanted to keep control of the system.

Also, former Michigan Governor, Jennifer Granholm, was well aware of the issues with the Flint Water Department, and their inability to produce contaminant free water moving forward, nor afford the equipment and technology to do so.

When the current Governor of Michigan says that he "only recently was made aware of this issue", he is being misleading at best. But more than likely, he is being viciously, aggressively, and deliberately untruthful. I pray that the truth comes out. That's what everyone in Michigan wants right? The Truth! Well, my prayer is that you all will have an opportunity to warm yourselves at the fire of Truth.

I am here in prison, with a 28-year sentence, for a case where there is NO EMBEZZLEMENT, NO MISUSE OF PUBLIC FUNDS, NO BRIBERY, NO STEALING OF ANY MONEY, as a matter of fact, NO PUBLIC MONEY AT ALL. And NO CHARGES THEREOF! 99% of Detroiters have NO idea why I'm here. They don't know the charges, nor what I'm sentenced for. They sure do know the rumors.

I wonder how much time you get for knowingly & actually delivering unsafe, dangerous, and poisonous drinking water to the people you represent? Which in-turn causes deaths, permanent illnesses, and disabilities. Can you actually be hated, hurt, and imprisoned for ridiculous rumors about murder...and not be for actually killing people?

I pray for justice for the people of Flint! And I also pray that God will give to all of you in Michigan the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him. That you all may have your eyes opened with understanding.

The blindness is hurting lots of people. Its even killing some. OPEN YOUR EYES!


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