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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Why SEIU Mary Kay Henry is Full of It With Union's Endorsement of Hillary Clinton

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The Fight for $15 was presented to be an actual movement which staged protests at various fast food service establishments across the Nation, lobbying for a $15.00 an hour Federal Minimum Wage.

This movement as a result, gained the support of many Progressives across the country, including at least two Democratic Presidential Candidates - Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and former Maryland Governor Martin O' Malley. 

Both O' Malley and Sanders at Saturday, November 14, 2015, Democratic Presidential Debate broadcasted rather late into the night on a weekend, at 9pm ET, stated if either of the candidates received the Democratic Nomination and were elected President -- they would support a $15.00 an hour minimum wage. 

"You have no disposable income when you're making ten, $12.00 bucks an hour. When we put money into the hands of working people they're gonna go out for our goods. They're gonna go out for our services. 
And they are gonna create jobs in doing that. That is the kind of economy I believe, put money in the hands of working people, raise the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour," said Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders.
And former Gov. O' Malley responding to an moderators question at Saturday's debate said the following:
You're calling for a $15.00-- minimum wage. But why did you stop at $10.10 in your state?
$10.10 was all I could get the state to do by the time I left in my last year. But two of our counties actually went to $12.80. And their county executives if they were here tonight would also tell you that it works. The fact of the matter is the more our people earn the more money they spend and the more our whole economy grows.
In contrast, the other Presidential Democratic Candidate -- former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, stated at best she would only support a $12.00 an hour Federal Minimum Wage, and individual states, cities or counties nationwide could decide if they desired to enact a $15.00 an hour Federal Minimum at their on accord. 
"But I do take what Alan Krueger said seriously. He is the foremost expert in our country on the minimum wage-- and what its effects-- are. And the overall message is that it doesn't result in job loss. 
However what Alan Krueger said in the piece you're referring to is that if we went to $15.00 there are no international comparisons. That is why I support a $12.00 national federal minimum wage," said Hillary Clinton at Saturday's Democratic Debate.
SEIU's President Mary Kay Henry in a video posted below from April 15, 2015 claimed to "Strongly Support" the Fight for $15.00 for a number of reasons. 

Ms. Henry also at the .52 section mark of this video, hints months in advance, to then soon-to-be Democratic Presidential Candidate Clinton reluctance on supporting a $15.00 Federal Minimum. 

Leaving an open question. 

If Ms. Henry knew well in advance that now Presidential Democratic Candidate Clinton, would not fully-heartly support the Fight for $15.00? If so, why would SEIU President Henry lobby many Fast Food Workers whose wages are on average are between $7.00-$10.00 an Hour -- depending on location, to protest over an year in sincere hopes to see the Democratic Presidential Candidate receiving SEIU's support completely support their fight? 

Not for $12.00 an hour with varying minimums depending on location but, for $15.00 an hour as the American Federal Minimum Wage Standard! 

Worse yet, why did SEIU President Henry announce the endorsement of Democratic Presidential Candidate Clinton, less than 72 hours after Clinton in last Saturday's debate, technically threw the entire Fight for $15.00 movement under the bus -- while the two other Candidates Sanders and O' Malley completely supported the higher minimum wage? 

The SEIU's action in their endorsement on Tuesday, November 17, 2015, of Hillary Clinton -- stands in stark and confusing contrast to a #Fightfor15 Movement, thousands of supporters including many of the union's membership have supported. 

Which leads to a final question -- can any movement that is not started, managed, organized and ran by individuals over an Union Organization -- truly be in the Fight to raise the minimum wage to an livable standard, in America? 

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