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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Voter Suppression Bill Fast-Tracks in Michigan, After State Receives F- in Governmental Integrity

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Question: How much more will Michigan Voters suck up buttercup when it comes to integrity of their State Government?

A legitimate question considering The Center of Public Integrity (TCOPI) rated Michigan dead last out of 50 States, or a F- when it relates to Governmental Accountability, Ethics or Integrity.

An F-, let that sink in for a minute as....

Michigan's Republican controlled Senate has done it again. Done what, you ask.

Ensured that when the Center of Public Integrity rates all things Great Lakes Blue when it comes to Government next time, the State will receive a F--, if such a rating can ever exist.

The only area Michigan could manage to squeeze any letter grade over an C+ was related to Electoral Oversight, with a B.

Less than three days after TCOPI issued its latest annual report, State Republicans are determined to knock the scale down about three levels, to match Michigan's overall integrity rating, an F.

From MLive:

Michigan voters would lose the ability to cast a straight-ticket ballot for candidates of a single political party under fast-tracked legislation approved Tuesday evening in the state Senate. 
The Republican-backed bill advanced through committee earlier the same day before reaching the floor, where it was amended to include a $1 million appropriation that would make it immune to referendum. 
Michigan voters overturned a similar law in 2002 after Democrats forced a ballot referendum via petition drive. 
The new bill would provide funding to the Michigan Secretary of State to assess the impact of eliminating straight-ticket voting, assist in ongoing fraud prevention and "provide equipment to facilitate the integrity of the election process," among other things. 
Sen. Dave Robertson, R-Grand Blanc, called the appropriation "entirely legitimate," but critics pointed out that most state spending decisions are made during the budget process, not within policy bills. 
"Let's not lie to each other, and let's not lie to voters of this state. This appropriation is a $1 million insurance policy against the will of the people," said Sen. Curtis Hertel Jr., D-Meridian Township.
Let's not lie to each other, as this latest trick under Republican domination in the State is ever repeating cycle since January 1, 2011, exactly when any since of Checks and Balances as it relates to Government left Michigan.

This occurred when a majority of Michigan voters affirmed into office a GOP majority to the State House, Senate, Governor's Office, State Supreme Court, Attorney General and Secretary of State offices, without checks.

As the MLive article cites, in 2002, Michigan voters passed a referendum to allow Straight Ticket Political Party voting.

Meaning a majority of the State's voter eligible populace participating in an election deciding who would take reigns of the Governor's Office in Michigan, by backing then former Governor Jennifer Granholm (D) do to so; equally choose to overwhelming support Straight Ticket Political Party voting, to be the law.

Let that sink in for a minute....

Why would the Republican Party in the Michigan House, Senate and Governor's Office, now fast-track a bill to eliminate a law Michigan's residents launched a referendum drive to make into law?

Maybe that pesky thing called a Presidential General Election in 2016 as a bit to do with it, along with Michigan voters not supporting a Republican nominee for President of the United States since the days of George H. W. Bush in the 1990's.

Yes, let's not lie to each other, this latest fast-track piece of "legislation" is the never-ending cycle of realities of Michigan Republicans not respecting the will of its citizens to decide and instead, in a plutocracy format, will choose for them -- by suppressing their vote.

Similar to how Michigan Republicans since 2011 have either passed laws, refused to legislate for, or intentionally allowed:

*The Emergency Manager Law 2.0, less than two months after Michigan's voters Repealed the First Version of this Law in 2012.
*Letting Dangerous Asian Carp Ruin The Fish and Biological Life Ecosystem of the Great Lakes
*And Who Receives An F-, yes that's right, F- or 50th out of 50 States in Public Policy Administration and Integrity

The open question remains who much more will State residents and voters take or allow to happen unfettered, that destroys whatever sense of Democracy is left in Michigan? Or has the State tipped over the scales of corruption so much, it can never return.

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