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Friday, October 9, 2015

Independent Underground News & Talk Public Statement on Flint's Toxic Lead Water Situation

Photo Credit - Occupy Corporatism
Flint Resident LeeAnn Waters who son experienced Lead Poisoning by
drinking the toxic water in Flint, holding two bottles of Brown and Tan water
which came out of her home faucets in early 2015
October 8, 2015
Written by Monica RW -- Owner/Executive Producer and Host of Independent Underground Radio LIVE - Michigan's Top Independently Owned and Operated Politico Podcast

(Michigan) -It is deeply worrying that our Michigan Governor -- Rick Snyder -- have decided to "just reconnect" Flint's Water System to Detroit's Water Department, without a proper independently based examination of what this re-connection might do to Detroit's Water System for the People of Southeastern Michigan -- who are largely depended on Detroit's Water Department for clean, safe drinking, bathing and everyday use -- water.

Equally, the People of Michigan should be troubled by the flat out incompetence of our Governor, his Emergency Managers, his Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and some of Flint's Elected Officials.

As our program Independent Underground Radio LIVE in an exclusive interview with Councilman Eric Mays confirmed on Tuesday, October 6, 2015, Governor Rick Snyder and his appointed officials flat out refused to believe Flint's Residents when for well over a YEAR they stated over and over again -- the water was toxic.

The water was Brown, Tan, Black filled with rocks, milky white and other things water should never be.

This entire situation calls for a FEDERAL investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice at this point. Our State Officials and especially the Governor's Office and all appointees of our Governor CANNOT be trusted to manage this issue -- they covered up for the Governor in the first place for well over a YEAR.

Kids are SUFFERING. The People of Flint are SUFFERING. And the long term impact of Lead Poisoning has not even been felt yet.

This is SHAMEFUL and frankly puts our State in a Black Eye moment in time.

In no aspect should the People of Flint been forced by no will of their own to drink, bathe, partake and use Toxic Lead and Chemical filled water for over a year --- because folks were trying to lie about it to save their backsides.

We at Independent Underground News & Talk are not finished in anyway covering this story and will continue to stay on it until someone pays -- not just monetary but with jail time over poisoning the People of Flint!

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