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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Op/Ed: Time for a Welcome Change in Leadership with the Michigan Democratic Party

Photo Credit - Detroit Free Press/Kathleen Gray
Newly elected Michigan Democratic Party Chairperson - State Representative Brandon Dillon (R) and MDP Chief Executive Officer LaVora Barnes (L)
Op/Ed Written by Monica RW 

On Friday, July 10, the owner of Independent Underground News & Talk (IUNT) Monica RW attended a local Washtenaw County Democratic Party Meeting were State Representative Brandon Dillon and LaVora Barnes outlined their upcoming platform to issues important for the State's Progressive voters, if elected to take the leadership reigns of Michigan Democratic Party.

Personally, I was very impressed by not only the questions both Mr. Dillon and Ms. Barnes answered of the audience, but likewise details given in each of those answers.

As a African-American Woman and Local Elected Democratic Office Official, there is a sense of relief knowing this new structure of the MDP will include a fellow African-American Woman as C.E.O. or Chief Executive Officer in charge of coordinating what is necessary to take back the Michigan House of Representatives in 2016, and eventually the State Senate and Governor's Office in 2018.

Ms. Barnes has the in-depth experience required to do so with her many years of prior work in the Coordinated Campaign field.

Independent Underground Radio LIVE (IURL) - our Progressive Politics Podcast arm, selectively pick and chooses whom the show will interview on our program.

This route is deployed due for our desire to ensure interviewees stand aside the Progressive Values IURL upholds and/or present a contrasting viewpoint with facts our listeners should be aware of in the over 400 interviews we have conducted.

To be frank, we at IURL refuse to waste our audience time on the "Fluff Filled" interview.

For Mr. Dillion behalf, our Politics Podcast Resource - Independent Underground Radio LIVE - interviewed the State Representative in 2013.

During the discussion, we're very impressed on his depth of knowledge topics ranging from Election Rigging to Saving Michigan's Public Education system talked about during the program, as well as his personal commitment to Progressive Values.

At IURL and IUNT, we occasionally take positions that are different from what the party and/or the "political apparatus" touts. For this reason, we're not bothered in the least by State Rep. Dillon former Pro-Life stance, which changed in 2012.

It is not required all Progressives walk "lock step" in unison on all subject manners. However, it is important that when holding an elected office, one evaluate the needs of ALL voters, and what is best for majority of those voters.

In this case, despite what his personal position might have been, Mr. Dillon realized that voting with Republicans seeking to limit or cease a Woman's Right to Choose was the wrong choice to make. IUNT appreciates Mr. Dillon's change in position on this highly important manner.

With such, we welcome the New Leadership of Mr. Brandon Dillon as Chairperson and Ms. Levora Barnes of C.E.O. of Michigan Democratic Party (MDP).

Likewise, we at IUNT & IURL look forward to working with them both to advance the Progressive Platform along with dramatically change the current make up of Republican Executive and Legislative Branch Dominance in our Beloved State.

"Independent Underground News & Talk (IUNT) and Independent Underground Radio LIVE (IURL) is the top African-American independently owned and operated Progressive Politics Resource & Podcast in the State of Michigan. In 2013 IUNT was honored as a Nationwide Finalist the Best News & Politics Blog by the highly esteemed Black Weblog Awards and News One Organization.

Two years later in 2015, IURL achieved its' goal of exceeding over 2 million downloads and listens of the podcast program, making Independent Underground News & Talk the Number #1 Progressive Politics Podcast in Michigan.  
IURL is top Progressive Podcast on the Blog Talk Radio and syndicated by Tune-In Radio, Stitcher, iTunes, Player FM, Learn Out Loud and a host of other top-tier podcast networks."

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