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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Op/Ed: What's Really Going On In Detroit - The Paid Media Won't Tell: A Lifetime Detroiter Perspective

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What's Really Occurring in the Great Urban American
City named Detroit, Michigan? A lifetime Detroit resident
narrates a "on-the-ground" perspective.

Written By: Kenneth Reed - A Lifetime Detroit, Michigan Resident

I've watched the events unfold in this City over the weekend, and watched the Police Chief posture in front of the various media outlet cameras. In all of this, it occurred to me that Chief Craig in spite of what he has said repeatedly does not have any answers. He doesn't have a handle on the crime problem in Detroit.

I was at a 13th Congressional District Meeting Saturday where he appeared to make a presentation. In the process of addressing the Precinct Delegates he really didn't come across as someone who had a plan to deal with criminal activity. As you can probably determine at this point, he doesn't excite me at all.

After the meeting the events unfolded on Dexter & Webb, and people are asking why are these things happening, then later that evening the 1st shooting in Greektown happened. This is a culmination of 20 yrs. of stripping the City of Detroit of it's pride, self determination, and drive to succeed against all odds.

First there was the elimination of "Revenue Share Money" From the State of Michigan, then the elimination of the residency requirements for city workers that further stripped the tax base. Then came the 1st Takeover of (Detroit Public Schools) DPS in 1999.

The next action was when the people fought to return the management of Public Education to the People, the elected board hired an incompetent Superintendent Connie K. Calloway.

Next the neighborhood school closings were accelerated, thus causing the emptying of those neighborhoods. Then the same School Board surrendered their oversight of the School District to a Democratic Governor who appointed an emergency manager.

Then Rick Sniper became Governor and started picking us off even quicker, and established the (Educational Achievement Authority) EAA called our Children the dumbest 5% in the state.

The people were then coerced by some black coons who at one time attended the (PAOCC) Shrine of The Black Madonna the most progressive Black Church in Detroit into buying into the 'Declaration of Black Inferiority" by working overtime to convince people to write in a white man as Mayor.

This is the ultimate act of Self-Hatred to give away Black Political Power. So what happened next?

Black People for all intent are excluded from Belle Isle, frowned upon from taking part in activities downtown, and on the riverfront. Water is being cut off from poor black residents by the thousands daily

roperties being stolen by tax foreclosure in some instances, because of bogus "Blight Tickets". People are being duped into supporting this Fraud "D" Insurance that is being pushed by the White Mayor. The problem with the insurance is that if you're in an accident and get injured, the medical cap is $250,000, and that's lifetime.

So with all of these shootings going on, where is the "White Mayor?" 
What's his position concerning it? What is his solution(s)? None of these people have answers.

the white mayor, the Police Chief; he's too immersed into himself. Not Malik Shabazz, Not Ernest Johnson, not Lisa L. Howze Page II, not Alexis Wiley, not Tom Lewand, or David Katz. Not even the Livonia Mafia. Sure they'll send some of these surrogates (Water carriers) to community organization meetings to spew out the party line, but if you press them really hard, none of the aforementioned has any answers. 

Remember it was the Police Chief who said on many occasions to the citizens that they should arm themselves,
and shoot first when confronted. That's his solution. BLACK EXTERMINATION, but they discovered this weekend that no curfew will work.
They better be glad that the people haven't fully awakened, and organized.

They should be also consider themselves lucky that the real hood G's from the 1970's and '80's aren't around, if they were they would be running the city by now, dealing with this lack of vision, and tone deaf leadership that works @ 2 Woodward Ave.

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