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Friday, May 15, 2015

There Is Nothing Urban or Intellectual About Indecency: A Facebook Group Lesson

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Question: If you saw a highly inappropriate picture of a nude child and woman it is assumed was his Mother, in a tub on Facebook on a Facebook Group that claims to call itself "Urban Intellectuals- Open Discussion" - would you call out the vile nature of such a photo which was NOT in anyway art related, or say nothing?
Of course, we called out the photo.

For which a "individual" named General Baker -like that is really someone's name- had the gull to defend this photo in the group. Furthermore, for questioning the inappropriate thisclose to border line pornography photograph, moi was removed from the group.

However, that does not stop us at Independent Underground News & Talk from calling out the photo, the Facebook Group or poster of said photo PUBLICLY on this page.

It is shameful when mess like this is promoted and worse supported in a "Group" that is supposed to be for African-Americans or Urban Culturally affiliated individuals to engage in Intelligent conversation - is sadly reduced allowing a post of an highly questionable picture of a Woman and Child nude with the caption, "Do you think this is approriate?"

If that question has to be asked, the answer is No.

Next there is nothing intellectual or any adjective of the sort allowing mess like that picture to be posted without IMMEDIATE REMOVAL in a Facebook Group along with a banning of the poster.

Lastly, there copyright and privacy laws and in the case of that clearly young nude African-American child and grown Woman the posting clearly violated those laws.

By the way, the picture and post was reported to Facebook. Who knows what they will do about it.

Lesson for today - Be VERY careful and use caution when joining Facebook group, whether they dub themselves as "Intellectuals" or not.

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