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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Ultimate Progressive Talk Radio & Podcast Directory for 2015

The Progressive Talk Radio & Podcast Directory for 2015

The question we are asked most often is, "Hey IU News & Talk! You'll have a great show but, where exactly can we find other shows like or similar to yours?"

Also, you can refer back to this post at Anytime - in fact we'd highly encourage Bookmarking It - at this Link!

So back to the point. First, this is a great question. Second, it can and is hard to do so because:

1). The Corporate Mainstream Media and The Big MSM Funders Desire Daily to do their Best to Shut Out or Shut Down Any Voices they Cannot Control.

2). The Internet is Vast and Links to Various Progressive Talk or Internet Radio Show are Everywhere.

3). Although Syndication Streams like iTunes, Stitcher, Tune-In Radio, Player FM, Soundcloud and the like are Easy to Find, Sadly Most of Us are Not Hip to Saving Our Favorite Progressive Talk & Podcast Streams as Favorites and Subscribing to them.

This is where our handy-dandy guide will help with this task!

Prior to naming where the shows are and how you can find them, you MUST first place one or more of the following syndication streamers on your phone, tablet or computer. Now, do so -- NOW!

Click One or More of the Pictures Link Below and Be Ready to Download the Program on your Android or Apple Operated Device:



Tune-In Radio


Player FM

Great! Now next, you are going to pick a Podcast. To make it easy, start after downloading one or more of the above syndication streams, searching for a show named "Independent Underground Radio LIVE".

By the way, that's our show!

Found it! Excellent.

Now save "Independent Underground Radio LIVE" to your Favorites and SUBSCRIBE- Don't Forget This Step! 

Why? It will ensure each podcast of the show you save is automatically available for listening at ANYTIME you choose fit. Much better than old FCC radio of the past, were if you were not available a certain time and day, it was missed! Right? Yes!

One Small Note: All Progressive Podcasts may not be available on each of the above Podcast Syndication Points.

So, to make sure you find your favorite talk show, the first two noted above iTunes and Stitcher usually has most Progressive Podcast's - if the show host chosen to syndicate their stream on the network. The other three, maybe or 50/50.

Last time -- the Steps. 1). Write down the name of the Progressive Podcast. 2). Download a Syndication Streamer to your Phone, Tablet or Computer. 3). Search for the name of the Show. 4). Save the show to your Favorites & Subscribe - Don't forget this step. 5). Get ready to listen to Progressive Talk Radio & Podcast's on the web when you want, anytime!

P/S - To Add Your Show to This List, Email Us Here

We will listen to your show and if its Progressive, we'll add it to our list within a week!

That was easy! Now, let's name some shows to add:

1). Independent Underground Radio LIVE - "Detroit's Voice of Progress" hosted by Monica R -Lead Program of the IURL Affilate Network.

2). The Bearman Radio Show  w/ Host Michael B. - An IURL Affiliate Network Program.

3). The Penny Politics Radio Show - Speaking Truth to Power w. Host Penny S - An IURL Affiliate Network Program.

4). The Rick Smith Show - Labor Talk Radio w/ Host Rick S.

And Last But Not Least, BOOKMARK THIS PAGE!

 As we find more Great Progressive Talk Radio Shows & Podcast's, We Will Add Them Here - First!!!

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