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Monday, May 4, 2015

The Last Word - Michigan Progressive Bloggers Unite: Vote NO on Proposal 1

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Back to the statement by a resource Democrats, Liberals and Progressives electing to vote NO on Michigan Proposal 1 are Tea Partiers or Tea Baggers.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Opposing a Regressive Tax Increase is a core principle of a majority of Democrats, Liberals and Progressives.

Taking income out of the pockets of those who can least afford it under normal circumstances would not gain little if any support of voters aligning with policies of FDR or the creation of a "Great Society" touted by President Lyndon Johnson.

However, in desperate times strange bedfellows morph a highly questionable existence leaving the masses baffled, confused and unfortunately called "Tea-Partiers" by some as a bottom of the barrel scare tactic.

Despite the nasty rhetoric expressed, four Progressive Bloggers from across the State have united in firm agreement Michigan Proposal 1 of 2015 needs fall in the same rock of non-existent as the Ford Edsel.

From "Independent Underground News & Talk" - Michigan's Top African-American Owned Progressive-Left Politics Blog and Podcast Program - by Monica RW

"Let's review the Real Bottom Line on Proposal 1. 
It is truly sad some Democrats are siding with Governor that cut schools to the tune of $1.8 billion dollars, unemployment compensation, the Homestead Property Tax Credit, Taxed Seniors (Retirement) Pensions and Annuity Plans, Instilled Right to Work for Less, nullified the People Vote -- that Nullified P.A. 4 with P.A. 436 and so forth and so on. 
So, here is the breakdown on 1% Sales Tax spike from a pure Main Street Economics and Political Point of View.  
Michiganders can't afford a Regressive 16.7% Tax Increase which will be felt at both the Pump and on every purchase besides Food and Medication in this State. Michiganders are sick and tired of Corporate Businesses receiving tax breaks while the businesses are paying less -- every time."
Read More of Monica RW.'s Article Titled "The Real Bottom Line on Michigan's Proposal 1 of 2015: Just Say No!" here

From 'What's the Diehl' - The witty, irreverent musings of a sardonic wisenheimer who’s prone to fits of hopefulness and hypersensitivity - owned Patrick D./Written by Mark Richardson:

"After much study and a lot of soul-searching, I’ve decided to vote no on Proposal 1. Needless to say, I’m speaking for myself only and no other organization or group I’m associated with. 
I understand very well that our roads are in deplorable condition. And contrary to conservative opponents of Proposal 1, I believe we need to increase taxes to repair and maintain them. We spend less per capita on roads than any other state. 
I also understand that delaying needed road repairs just adds to the costs, and that Michigan residents pay a “hidden tax,” in the form of auto repairs, as a result of bad roads. I am also aware of the earmarks for education and local governments in the legislation appended to the ballot proposal. I understand how schools and municipalities have struggled and I know that additional money would help. 
None of these facts are enough to persuade me to vote yes. 
Proposal 1 would virtually complete, and via constitutional amendment cement into place, the largest tax shift from business to individuals in Michigan history."
Read More of Patrick D.'s Blog Article Titled "Mark Richardson on Michigan's Proposal 1here.

From 'One Louder' - Commentary and Noxious Ephemeral - by Greg P.
"Left institutions like the Democratic Party and the UAW have failed to inspire their base and key constituencies statewide. Therefore, the Republicans now control every lever in the state government. 
It is bizarre, this whole Proposal 1 mess. Conservatives/ Republicans brought this proposal forward, with concessions being touted by Democratic Party leaders. The people pushing the hardest for this proposal, which amounts to a 16% regressive tax increase, are Democratic Party, Transit and Labor leaders. 
The Washtenaw County Republican Party is advocating AGAINST it. 
Well, I guess there is a first time for everything. I agree with the Republicans here, perhaps for different reasons. 
This is an unfortunate way for the Democrats to enter the 2016 political organizing season. Michigan Left institutional leaders chose the path of what some professional lobbyist staffers are referring to as "damage control." The refrain after that is, "in 2016 we have to win elections."  
It is true that in order to have a seat at the decision-making table, you/we have to win elections. However, the myopic focus on providing resources exclusively for electoral politics has proven to be unsuccessful for Michigan Democrats.  
Democrats in Michigan will continue to be irrelevant as long as they continue to admit defeat before even trying to fight for policies that appropriately tax the wealthy. 
Elections aren't enough anymore. It's time to get in the streets and reclaim our commons."
Read More of Greg P.'s Article Titled "Proposal 1 and the Tactical Failure of Democrats" here

From "Random Thoughts Blog" - This Blog is Probably Political but Includes Other Random Thoughts - by Larry B.
"This is a proposal coming up for vote on May 5th. 
The proposal calls for an increase in the state sales tax from 6 percent to 7 percent.
The primary reason for the increase is to supply monies to fund road repair. 
There are additional items in this proposal regarding funding for education and monies to local governments. 
We could go into great detail explaining how the roads in Michigan are in such poor shape/condition but in a nutshell the roads are bad because we have not been spending any money to maintain them. 
We did find money to give tax breaks to corporations and the wealthy including an elimination of personal property taxes which the public voted in favor of recently. (Fooled you!)....
 Now Snyder and his cohorts are asking the working class to dip into their pockets again to bail out their dismal financial management of the state. (Projected 2015 deficit ~ $500 million). 
Many groups normally opposed to Snyder are coming out in support of this proposal, they seem to believe they will be sharing in the largesse. 
To those people I have to share this old cliché. 
“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”
Read More of Larry B.'s Article Titled "Michigan's Proposal 1" here.

What's missing in all of these Michigan based Progressive Bloggers thoughts on Proposal 1?

Calling other Progressives, Liberals or Democrats -- 'Teabaggers' for somehow agreeing with Republican Governor Rick Snyder idea of adding an Regressive Tax Increase on our State's Middle Class, Seniors and Working Poor -- is the "best" solution for fixing our roads.

It is not a solution and folks in Lansing must go back to the drawing board.

On Tuesday, May 5, 2015, visit the polls and vote NO on Proposal 1 of 2015!

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