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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

State Senator Virgil Smith Should Not Resign: Michigan Politics is a Messy Business

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Michigan State Senator Virgil Smith, was charged on Tuesday, May 12th
with Domestic Assault, using a gun in the commission of a Felony,
and Felonious Assault for a incident between Smith and ex-Wife on Sunday.

Michigan State Senator Virgil Smith is experiencing a real life based version of Scandal. Someone needs to call a Detroit based Olivia Pope clone to the rescue.

The details are quite messy.

An Jealous Ex-Wife, a Bed, a New Partner, a Young 35 year old State Senator, a 2015 Mercedes Benz, Windows, front door Greetings in a Birthday Suit, alleged Multiple Assaults and a Automatic Shotgun.

According to WDIV-Detroit Channel 4, Smith has been charged with domestic violence, felonious assault, malicious destruction of property and felony firearm and litany of other charges by Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy in connection the incident involving his ex-wife at his Detroit home.

On Sunday, Smith's ex-Wife alleges the State Senator greeted her at his home's front door, in his birthday suit, after she showed up in the middle of the night. Smith allegedly had the company of another Woman in his home when the ex-Wife arrived.

According to the ex-Wife, State Senator Smith beat her with his fists, chased her outside and shot at her four to five times as well as firing at her car, at and near 18000 block of Wexford on the Detroit's east side.

Smith's version of the story is a bit different, with exception of the gun shots, as cited in the Detroit News, May 11th:

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State Senator Virgil Smith Mug Shot
taken on Tuesday, May 12.
The ex-Wife “was banging on (the) bedroom window,” at about 1 a.m., a Detroit Police report said. Smith said he opened the front door, and his ex-wife, “kicked the door open and pushed (past) him. 
“(The ex-wife) went into (Smith’s) bedroom and observed a female ... in (Smith’s) bed. (Smith) stated that (the ex-wife) attempted to attack (the girlfriend),” the police report obtained by The News said. “(Smith) grabbed (his ex-wife), they fell backwards, knocking over the television. (Smith) stated that (his ex-wife) attempted to attack (his girlfriend) again.” 
Smith told police “he grabbed (his ex-wife) and forced her out of his house,” the police report said. Smith then told investigators he went back into the bedroom to check on his girlfriend, and then returned to the front door, “and observed (his ex-wife) throwing a chair at his house windows. 
“(Smith) then stated he did the most stupid thing in his life, he shot (the ex-wife’s) vehicle,” the report said.
As Smith faces multiple felonies, news & commentary resources across Michigan would be wise to step ever-so-cautiously before demanding for the State Senator's resignation.

The best move would be for Smith to resign on his own.

Comments from Lansing Bubble Peanut Gallery on the State Senator vicarious situation with the public-at-large-- should fall on deaf ears.

Back in 2012 Speaker of the Michigan House Jase Bolger (R) was caught red-handled actively participating in a scheme to fraud an election.

Then State House Representative from the 76th District Roy Schmidt hours before the filing deadline that year, switched party affiliation from Democrat to Republican.

One day prior Schmidt's son friend Matt Mojzak, 22, filed to run for the 76th State House seat as a Democrat.

Mojzak told investigators he had made no plans to actively campaign for the State House Seat as he was paid upwards to $2400 to be a "placeholder", for Schmidt not to face any competition from the opposite political party.

Worse part about this scandal, then State House Speaker Jase Bolger knew all about it.

Text messages and conversations planning the scheme took place between Schmidt and Bolger on phones paid for by taxpayers of the State of Michigan.

Bolger or Schmidt were not charged with any felonies related to the Election Fraud scheme. Kent County Prosecutor William Forysth claimed he could not find "no violations" of criminal Election Fraud. 

With the case all but over, Bolger served out his term until 2014, Schmidt lost the 2012 election to a Write-In Candidate name Winnie Brinks (D), and the rest is history.

Minus a Benton Harbor Citizen and Activist Rev. Edward Pinkney questionable conviction Nov 3, 2014, by Berrien County 'jury of his peersof Petition Signature Fraud. Pinkney was convicted for allegedly changing signature dates on recall petitions for Benton Harbor Mayor James Hightower.

For Michigan Citizens, allegations of Election Fraud leads to convictions and imprisonment, but Michigan's former State Speaker of the House Jase Bolger, no so much!

Allegations of Domestic Assault, as in the case of State Senator Virgil Smith, are serious. Smith has been charged, but not convicted in this case. However, Smith was not in recent history the only State Official in a alleged Domestic Violence incident either.

Former State Treasurer Andy Dillon was involved in a alleged domestic violence incident with July 13, 2013, at this then ex-Wife's home. Dillon did not resign from office until October 2013. Former State Treasurer remained as a paid consultant of Michigan's Treasury office until January 2014.

Dillon never faced formal charges for his ex-Wife allegations of domestic violence, as prosecutor's cited a lack of evidence.

Michigan Politics is a Messy Business and what allegedly occurred between State Senator Virgil Smith and his ex-Wife is the latest case of public office holders scandals. However, the cynical nature of those demanding Smith's immediate resignation in light of Sunday's disturbing incident, is a bit like the pot calling the kettle black

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