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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

BREAKING: Michiganders Say No: As Proposal 1 Goes Down in 4 to 1 Margin by early results

Photo Credit - The Say No to Higher Taxes and Special Interest Deals Group

(Breaking News - Detroit, MI) - Early poll results on Michigan's Controversial have revealed according to WXYZ -Channel 7 Detroit, state voters overwhelmingly rejected a Proposal 1 of 2015 that would increase taxes in an effort to fix roads.

In Washtenaw County, MLive has reported the margin at 71 percent to 29 percent rejecting the Proposal. For Oakland County 77 percent to 22 percent has expressed no by vote to Proposal 1. Statewide, the vote percentage margins as of 8:59 pm ET tally at 87 percent to 13 percent soundly rejecting the measure.

Vote totals will continue to compile during the late evening but, it appears by the earliest results Michigan residents were not pleased with the complex, eleven bill "tie-barred" proposal for roads. 

Proposal 1 would have raised Michigan’s sales tax from 6 percent to 7 percent, and would add more than $1 billion a year to fix the roads.

The plan, supported by Gov. Rick Snyder and approved by leading politicians on both sides of the aisle, also dealt with Michigan’s fuel taxes and vehicle registration fees.

Upwards of $25 Million dollars was spent by the "Safe Roads Yes" campaign in a sound defeat. Opponents to Proposal 1 including groups such as the Say No to Special Interest Deals and Tax Hikes funded by Paul Mitchell spend less than $200,000.

Social media, it appears, played a key road for defending this proposal as the "Say No" Facebook page gained over 35,000 Facebook members in less than four months.

Early polls said voters would vote down the proposal at a nearly 2-1 margin but early returns say the proposal is losing by nearly a 4-1 margin.

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