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Friday, February 13, 2015

Why The Leadership of Mike Henry is Required for the Michigan Black Caucus

Photo Credit - MLive
Photo Credit - MLive
Ann Arbor Dems Organization Chairperson Mike Henry seeks to new
Leadership position as Chairman of the Michigan Black Caucus on February 14th.

On Saturday, February 14, 2015 at 7:45 am ET at the Annual Michigan Democrat Convention located at Cobo Hall in Detroit for this year, an important meeting will convene to determine who will lead the highly important political arm -- the Michigan Black Caucus.

If for some reason while reading this article there is a unfounded belief The Michigan Black Caucus, and having strong leadership at helm of the Chairperson position is not important, allow us a moment to correct this point of view. Strong leadership for the MBC is necessary now!

Why? Well let's start by reviewing what happened in Detroit.

As most readers of the top African-American Owned Independent-Left Progressive Political Commentary and Opinion Resource in Michigan -- Independent Underground News & Talk - know, what has happened to Detroit has been a tragedy.

What do we mean exactly:

1). The Bankruptcy which has left many City of Detroit retired workers, many of whom are African-American, with a highly questionable "Crawback" payment provision costing up to tens of thousands of dollars. Meanwhile, large Washington, D.C. based law firms like Jones Day are paid millions from the bankruptcy proceedings for what some have described as their "extraordinary contribution" to the city.

2). Detroit's 2013 Primary Election Melee where it was proven beyond a reasonable doubt highly questionable decisions were made by some officials of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers without any ramifications or atonement of the actions.

3). The consistently low voter turnout in the City of Detroit primarily due to disengaged potential voter nucleus who believe government in general not only fail to represent their interest, but equally do not care to ever do so.

4). The lack of funding resources and financial means (see "Lon Johnston Hurts GOTV" archive file from the now defunct Michigan Citizen) necessary for qualified African-American Statewide Candidates to compete on a equal scale as other potential public office seekers.

5). How Emergency Managers have been appointed in areas across Michigan with high minority populace including the cities of Pontiac, Flint, Detroit, Benton Harbor, Inkster, Highland Park, Hamtramck, along with Public School Districts of Buena Vista, Muskegon Heights, Detroit Public, Pontiac and Benton Harbor ---hereby providing an core disincentive for the minority population of these communities to trust or actively participate in governmental affairs.

And much more.

To change these disturbing dynamics it will take excellent leadership with the assistance strategically minded team to ensure African-Americans in the State of Michigan are treated with respect, encouraged to be active community members in governmental decisions made on their behalf. Likewise the community must be prepared financially and otherwise to run for local, county, state government and statewide offices, and last but not least be ready to cast votes for candidates seeking to represent their best interest.

Which is why Independent Underground News & Talk encourage all readers of our resource to support the Candidacy of Chairman of the Ann Arbor Dems, Mike Henry and his team slate of Vice-Chairpersons election to the Michigan Black Caucus at the Michigan Democrats Convention on February 14.

On Thursday, February 12, our radio talk show arm Independent Underground Radio LIVE had an exclusive opportunity to interview MBC Chairperson candidate Mike Henry about the concerns noted on how African-Americans are viewed and represented in the Democratic party and in governmental matters of importance.

Henry shared details on how his slates' agenda would change and fully represent the views of our community statewide.

Listen to IURL's interview with Mike Henry via Soundcloud:

Find out more details on Henry's Michigan Black Caucus Slate and Agenda by visiting The Michigan Black Agenda website.

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