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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

(VIDEO) A Moment of Honesty For Ex-Basketball Player Charles Barkley from the African-American Community

Photo Credit - The Smoking Gun
Mug Shot: Former NBA star Charles Barkley was arrested by
 Milwaukee police in December 1991 for allegedly punching a man
in the face. In June 1992, a jury acquitted him of the assault charge.
Charles Barkley is a liar and obviously is seeking his 15 minutes of some sort of fame.

First Charles says he don't do social media. Okay, then what is this: Charles Barkley, as anything on Facebook is social media. Next, Charles Barkley fixes his mouth to say "Sometimes it right to racially profile". Really Charles?

Okay let's start with you.

A serial gambler, a drunk, before TNT a ex-basketball player in debt, previously charged with assault and battery and with a clear fellatio obsession  -- shall we go on? Charles profile would lead to he needed 15 minutes of fame, adding money to the pot for paying off debts owes for his gambling habit. There's a profile for ya.

The whole point of selling out the African-American community to the Race baiting masters in a sit down interview. WOW! Quite sad indeed.

Five St. Louis Rams Players on 11/30 display the gesture "Hands Up Don't Shoot" to show solidarity with Ferguson Peaceful Protestors.
Photo Credit -
Five St. Louis Rams Players on 11/30 display the gesture
"Hands Up Don't Shoot" to show solidarity with Ferguson
Peaceful Protestors.
So, let's get this straight.

Two days after the St. Louis Rams players silently shown a symbol of solidarity with the "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" gesture --- the has been on the B-Ball court long time ago Charles Barkley says that Eric Gardner "deserved" to be killed for selling loose cigarettes -- because you know the cops are always right.

Charles you need to sit the heck down and shut the heck up, yesterday.

Who are you to be the Judge, Jury and Executor of former New York resident Eric Gardner or Mike Brown's life -- because you have some so-called affiliation with the African-American community due to your skin color?

Charles, you're dismissed.

Your Bill Cosby treatment from the masters you are shaking and tap dancing for now, will come sooner than later. Remember you have a gambling habit and with such "You're just a Really Just a Regular Negro" moment is around the corner with your Masters.

And when that happens -- like Bill -- don't crawl back over here to the "Black Side" as we don't want or need your"Sell Out" type of ass-ets. DONE|.

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