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Sunday, December 28, 2014

(Op/Ed) Detroit News Nolan Finley Disingenuous Attempt to Connect with 'Black People' is Downright Insulting

Photo Credit - Deadline Detroit Detroit News Editorial Editor Nolan Finley, who has a history of writing race baiting articles, pens two questionable pieces titled "Where are the Black People?" in Detroit's so-called revitalization.
Photo Credit - Deadline Detroit
Detroit News Editorial Editor Nolan Finley, who has a history of writing
race baiting articles, pens two questionable pieces titled "Where are the
Black People?" in Detroit's so-called revitalization.
Why is The Detroit News Editorial Editor Nolan Finley 'reflecting' on ANYTHING when it comes to state of Blacks or African-American people in Detroit and by extension, Southeastern Michigan?
"We can talk all day about why more African-Americans didn't do the same thing. It doesn't matter. We have to understand that we're buying trouble if we don't encourage "more black participation," Finley penned in his first 'column' on Black People.  
"This isn't about handouts or set-asides or affirmative action. Nor is it about gentrification, an absolutely ridiculous concern in a city that needs so much rebuilding. I don't even believe it's about racism."
Right, not about racism. Those words full of hot air would figure to be wrote from a White Man whose vain attempts at describing the 'African-American' experience is insulting and laughable.

Especially after a well-known race baiting exchange from 2013 Detroit Mayoral Race debate broadcast on WADL- Channel 30, where Finley threw the first race baiting punch.

After the debate, Finley a panelist during the WADL exchange, took his feelings about then Candidate for Mayor of Detroit Tom Barrow onto Fox 2 'Let it Rip" program to call Barrow, who is African-American, a Buffoon.

The following excerpt is from Deadline Detroit August 2, 2013 article:
"Finley, who appeared on Fox2's "Let it Rip" show on Thursday night, said of Barrow: 
"He's a a buffoon, he's a jerk, he's a convicted felon." He also said he was a perennial loser in the mayoral races in Detroit, and Tuesday would mark his fourth failed attempt to get that job. 
Barrow, not one to turn the other cheek, fired off a press release Friday saying Finley's remarks were "bigoted and racially charged." 
"Indeed many have said that the remarks were not only racist and bigoted but divisive to the community," he said."
So whom exactly and when did it happen? It being Nolan Finley morphing into the quasi 'authority' of the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, desires or wants of African-Americans in Detroit, or Southeastern Michigan for that matter?

Let's be straight and to the direct point here. No One Did! As in make Nolan Finley any sort of resource regarding the African-American experience in Michigan.

Fox 2 News Headlines

No one that matters anyway.

Instead, this display is a sick and disingenuous attempt to have African-Americans who know exactly what side of the table and with whom folks like Nolan Finley 'Breaks Bread' with daily, comment on the so-called newspaper site itself.

African-Americans with a knowledge basis on the real 'Nolan Finley' know full well not to do what 'They' want.

"The most vocal reaction was from African-Americans who felt they were being ignored in their own city, pushed out, not welcome. If anyone doubts that resentment is building in this community, read the comments attached to the column," Finley wrote in the article.
Second, the piece is a periled attempt for the Detroit News to receive page hits.

One would think the Detroit News is fine and dandy with the page hits its corporate media resource receives from the uninformed. Obviously, those totals are not enough, thus an article with the title of "Where are the Black People? Part 2" by request was written.

Which leads us to reflect on the reality of this situation. Nolan Finley has a well known racial bias and cares little to nothing about the plight Black People.

Neither does the 'powers that be' in white suits and matching hats which are secretly layered on their bodies within he hollow halls society care removed to any African-Americans in Southeastern Michigan.

"From the young, white professionals who are doing such great things in downtown, Midtown and Corktown, I got a strong sense that they were tired of being told they don't belong.," Finley wrote.
Part 2? Is Nolan Finley serious here? The question on it surface is an contrivance or fallacy.

Nolan Finley does not care in reality if African-Americans leave Detroit (or S.E. Michigan for that matter) in droves. In fact, that is exactly what the group of perceived power brokers whom Nolan Finley break bread with DAILY want.

"It's like playing with dynamite to have black Detroiters looking out of devastated neighborhoods at a downtown bustling with hope and hopeful young people, and not seeing their own children among that hip crowd," wrote by Finley.

Dynamite huh. Interesting choice of words to use for an adjective with Finley's highly questionable article, indeed.
On surface, the article should evoke an angered response.

However, what should be done is to call the authors' attempt to embark on media delusion masses out for what it is: a vain effort to create a cognitive dissonance effect when its known a sincere change in the power structure would challenge THEIR very existence.

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Monica RW said...

Nolan Finley is, and always will be a pimp for everything white, to the right, and is unapologetically a supporter of whatever the Mock brothers bring to this state. He is entitled to his opinion, but will never speak for me or any Destroyers.

Monica RW said...

Agree @Tim Kelley, in our society Finley has every right to write his 'column'. As you noted, the public in return has equal rights to question the piece openly and call Finley out for his race baiting tactics.

Finley cannot and never will speak for us as Michigander, either.

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