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Monday, November 3, 2014

Op/Ed: Think You Don't Have a Reason to Vote - Michigan African-American Population: Come Again

Photo Credit - Attorney Godfrey Dillard Facebook Page
Attorney and SOS Candidate Godfrey Dillard (L), the Honorable Ida B. Austin

(M) and President Barack Obama (R)
As a lifelong Michigander, it is easy to remember Mr. Richard H. Austin as our first Secretary of State and African American elected to Statewide Executive Office in the 1970's. 

Photo Credit - The
Former SOS Richard Austin (L) and Ida B, Austin (R)
Yes, in the 1970's. When it was still difficult to elect African-Americans as Mayors or City Councilman or Woman in many parts of our nation, Mr. Austin via the line of succession, was literally a heartbeat away from being one of the first African-American Governors in our nation.

Former Secretary of State (SOS) Austin broke ground historically as the LONGEST serving SOS official elected in our State. 

His work to reform Michigan's SOS Offices and maintain the integrity in our elections are legendary. 

Today, Mr. Austin's name is honored on a building which houses the Department of Elections and Secretary of State Offices in Lansing.

The ironic nature of the above with this article picture means more than a quick peek at it, can connect. 

Why so? 
Photo Credit - Godfrey Dillard
Attorney and SOS Candidate Godfrey Dillard and
the Honorable Ida B. Austin, former SOS Richard H. Austin

First, the honorable Ida B. Austin, former SOS Richard Austin's widow at 102 years young is greeted by the first elected African-American President Barack Obama. 

Over to the left, Attorney Godfrey Dillard looks on with honor. Attorney Dillard strives to do what no other African-American has done successfully in Michigan since the late SOS Richard Austin. Become elected to a statewide executive office position -- as our next Secretary of State.

If you are a African-American Michigander, electing Mr. Dillard is important for two reasons

Photo Credit -
SOS Candidate and Atty. Godfrey Dillard
One: Mr. Dillard is completely qualified to lead and excel in the ever important Secretary of State. In our nation, post the highly questionable U.S. Supreme Court Citizens United decision, it is imperative to have a well trained, highly knowledgeable and educated Lawyer to ensure our elections in Michigan are not further tainted by dark money.

Two: It is the time. Now, is the time to have a African-American back a heartbeat away from Michigan's highest elected position as Governor. Also, maybe in our lifetime by reaching this plateau yet again -- Michigan will be on its' way to have our first African-American Governor in the near future.

If you are thinking this elections means "nothing" and "you should just stay home", don't do this!

Go to the polls, take a friend or four and let's make history yet again by voting in Godfrey Dillard as our next Secretary of State from Michigan.

Learn More About Godfrey DIllard's Campaign at:

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