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Friday, November 28, 2014

The Evil of Thanksgiving Creep, Black Friday and Why Consumers Are Painfully Falling for Both

Consumers are shopping on Thanksgiving instead of allowing retail employees to enjoy time with their family
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Consumers fall for the newly known retail faux holiday called Thanksgiving Creep.

Working in Retail Management for years there was an enjoyment previously in, the "Black Friday" rush, the excitement on shoppers faces after offering a awesome deal, having major fun with the staff and more. Traditionally -- before Thanksgiving Creep-- Retail Employees normally received THREE (yes just three) Almost Guaranteed Holidays Off: Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas. 

That's it, that all.

Because the retail workers of the World had the Thursday before Black Friday off to spend without interruption with our families, we did not mind getting up REALLY EARLY to serve your shopping needs on "Black Friday". However, the last three years have been interesting to watch. The way "Black Friday" as been "presented" to consumers definitely has changed -- for the worse.

First, The Complete and Utter Insult now called Thanksgiving Creep.

Opening stores anytime on Thanksgiving is frankly a travesty. It's not necessary in any sense of the word. In 36 or more hour period after Thanksgiving (interesting fact: some stores NEVER CLOSE the weekend after Thanksgiving) corporate retailers generally make 30% of the profits for the Q4 (Fourth Quarter)-- which happens to be a BUNK of the retailers business all year.

Opening up at 5pm, 6pm or later (at worse earlier) on Thanksgiving is NOT generating additional revenue than what would normally be received over the 36 or more hour period described above. 

The ONLY two reasons greedy corporate retailers are opening on Thanksgiving is to (Drumroll) inconvenience the employees and to lessen any liability associated with the early Friday Morning "Doorbuster" StampedesInterestingly enough, the Stampede liability could have been stopped YEARS ago.


By encouraging customers to SHOP ONLINE Thanksgiving Thursday, Black Friday or the Entire Weekend without opening ONE retail door on Thanksgiving, or pulling employees away from their families.

The second problem with Thanksgiving Creep. 

There are literally 27 (give or take or so) shopping days between the Friday after Thanksgiving and Christmas. Many (not all but many) of the "same deals" folks are standing in the rain, snow, cold, sleet, sleeping in a cold tent, stampeding and more for will be available again in those 27 days either ONLINE or IN-STORE. This is true. Trust us --- As a former member of Retail Corporate Management, game du tour, we Know.

In fact, if you wait until the week BEFORE Christmas to shop, the chance you will find a "Black Friday" like deal is about 65-70%.

Why, you ask?

Well, because retailers need to make the Q4 estimates to their Wall Street Investors AND if consumers did not live up to the buying expectations post Thanksgiving weekend --- the week before Christmas is the unofficial "make up" period.

So, if you are thinking hard about rising early, placing all the warm winter gear on, starting the car, driving aimlessly to store after store in search of a "Deal" -- STOP IT.

Think before anything else long and hard about Shopping Small First at a Local Business

Consider ceasing your run to the mall and buy online if you must, next. Third --- the deals will be seen again most likely the week before Christmas. Finally, if you already hit store on Thanksgiving (as in drove to one) -- you have fallen for the hype - because that is what it is. 

Meanwhile, an employee somewhere had to leave the family dinner early to "serve your needs" -- when in reality -- you should have and could have waited until the next morning or shopped online.

Think about doing so, next year -- well ya 

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