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Sunday, November 2, 2014

President Obama to Detroit Voters: "Go Vote and Take a Friend to the Polls Tuesday"

Photo Credit - Independent Underground News & Talk (IUNT)
President Barack Obama made a pre-election day rally stop Saturday, November 1 speaking to a robust crowd upwards to 10,000 supporters at Wayne State University. The President during the visit rallied for voters to support Congressman Gary Peters vying for the U.S. Senate, Michigan Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer and Attorney Godfrey Dillard quest to win the states' Secretary of State position.

Photo Credit - Independent Underground News & Talk (IUNT)
Making the case on why Michigan is important for Democrats quest to maintain the U.S. Senate and overturn damage done in 2010 when 900,000 voters stayed home, resulting in Republicans taking over the Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, both legislative chambers and the State Supreme Court.

President Obama urged attendees to "Go vote and take a friend to the polls on Tuesday," November 4.

Photo Credit - Independent Underground News & Talk (IUNT)
"The same folks that asked us to throw in the towel on Michigan six years ago,
are now asking for your vote," President Obama told the large Motorcity crowd.

"When you step into that voting booth, you are making not just making a choice about candidates and parties, but making about two different visions of what America's is about And it boils down to a simple question: who is on your side, whose going to fight for you."
President Obama told the crowd policies initiated by Republicans in U.S. House, along with State executive, legislative and judicial offices nationwide are built upon failed strategy of initialing cuts while failing to replace necessary revenue that results in hurting working families.
Photo Credit - Independent Underground News & Talk (IUNT)
"The worst idea they (Republicans) got is this same economic theory that they keep going after, that we know undermines their claim," President Obama stated. 
"More tax breaks for folks at the top. Less investment in education. Looser rules on banks and credit card companies. And you know what, we tried those things and it did not work."
Making the case on why he should be elected to take over retiring Senator Carl Levin (D) seat, Congressman Gary Peters speaking at his Alma Mater of Wayne State University the
attendees why he strongly voted to support 2009 automobile bailout.

Peters reminded the audience opponent Terri Lynn Land (R) on the record her opposition to the bailout measure, saving ten of thousands Michigan jobs.

Photo Credit - Independent Underground News & Talk (IUNT)
"My opponent said she would not have voted, she would not have supported the auto industry (bailout)," Peters stated.
"If as a voter, I find out a candidate for the U.S. Senate would not have supported the number one industry in our state, that disqualifies her as a candidate."
Candidate for Governor Mark Schauer stated why it is important for Detroit residents to vote to unseat Governor Rick Snyder (R).
Photo Credit - Independent Underground News & Talk (IUNT)
"Now make no mistake, the road to the Governor's office runs right though Detroit," Schauer rightfully acknowledged." 
"I remember when I started this campaign seventeen months ago, not many of you knew who I was. But today, we are tied in the polls. And we know when Democrats vote, we win"
Secretary of State Candidate and Detroit based Attorney Godfrey Dillard informed the crowd if elected, he would be the first African-American elected to statewide executive offices since former Sec. of State Richard H. Austin (D) in thirty years.

Photo Credit - Independent Underground News & Talk (IUNT)
Dillard acknowledged the presence of 102 year old Ida B. Austin the widow of Richard H. Austin, who attended the rally in support of Michigan's Democratic candidates of statewide offices, the U.S. House races and Senate.

Photo Credit - Independent Underground News & Talk (IUNT)
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