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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

OP/ED: The Morning After - Outsmarted, Outspent, Outlast, Frankly Plain Smoked - Michigan Elections 2014

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This is what happened last night in Michigan. The Republicans not only had a good night, they had a fantastic night in all things Great Lakes Blue. In fact, the only thing left "Blue" in this state is the water -- and give it a couple of more years under Republican rule and that --- will be brown with Fracking juices and all.

The Michigan Democratic Party got SMOKED. Lost every statewide office --- AGAIN. Lost the Michigan House AGAIN. Lost the Michigan Senate - AGAIN.

Worse, lost FOUR SEATS in the Michigan House -- where the goal should have been to take back the house as it was doable, however -- the Michigan Democratic Party LOST BIG TIMEThe only Blight Spot among a sea of RED was Senator-Elect Gary Peters, yet the MDP should NOT pat themselves on the back for Mr. Peters win.

Peters knew coming from Oakland County that unless one appeals to Independents while riding the fence properly on race and class issues in Michigan --- they will not be elected in Michigan. Yes, Virginia the 8 Mile to the Left v.s. Right, plus S.E. Michigan vs rest of Michigan RACE and CLASS issues exist and will continue to exist -- sadly.

Michigan has and will continue to have a race problem and frankly the problems are also in the MDP. Let us explain.

If one missed did not catch the Sam Riddle J.D., Michigan Citizen article from October 16 stop reading this article now and take a peek. The piece one titled rightfully "Lon Johnson hurts GOTV". It light of what happened last night the article is one foreshadowing piece of bean footage indeed.

There are plenty of raw truths in the article. However, it is high time we accept them, discuss them and vow to change them. If it takes a serious cleansing of the mess left behind the morning after, so be it! However --- not discussing the OBVIOUS Elephant in the room is not helping at all.

Next, 43% of Michigan voters DO NOT, repeat DO NOT affiliate with ANY POLITICAL PARTY.

With such, unless we are reaching their issues losses will continue, like last night. Extreme party affiliated politics are not helping in fact, its hurting.

Next, scream it from the rooftops: DETROIT, DETROIT, DETROIT, DETROIT!!!!

Until the People of Detroit's issues are truly addressed, losses like last night will stay for now until the future --- the norm. Six hundred and fifty thousand (650K) people live in Detroit. At least 300K of them are potential voters.That is more than ANY OTHER CITY, TOWN, VILLAGE or TOWNSHIP in our state.

If (which their are) problems with the vote in Detroit and particularity the INTEGRITY of the vote in Detroit --- Democrats will lose.

If Democrats do not address the BREAD and BUTTER issues of Detroit -- which are economic and class in nature --- Democrats will lose.

If Democrats fail to account for the systematic racism against a certain large populace of Detroit that has existed for YEARS on end in this State and vow to change it -- Democrats will LOSE.

We as the top African-American owned and operated Independent affiliated political news and opinion resource calls for the immediate resignation of MDP Chairman Lon Johnson, Executive Director Garrett Arwa --- along with a complete CLEAN HOUSE of the Associated Leadership and Executive Committees Chairpersons' overseening by affiliation last night extreme losses for Michigan Democrats.

What happened last night will take years or better yet decade to repair, however the TIME IS NOW to start.

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