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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Op/Ed: Before Hitting the Polls: One Last Statement on Why Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Must Go

Photo Credit - Crooks and Liars

It is critically important that in these last couple of days Michiganders understand that Rick Snyder should not and can't be trusted in any form or fashion to tell the truth. The Governor is on the ropes thanks to Democratic Challenger Mark Schauer aggressive campaigning as of late. As a result, Gov. Snyder knows full well the only way he can have a "shot" at re-election is by doing what he does best ----lying.

Voters must understand Rick Snyder cut $1.8 BILLION with a Capital B out of Michigan's Public Education system in order to satisfy rich donors to his campaign in the "private/charter" school business. The Governor raised taxes on Michigan's Seniors with the "Pension Tax", middle class with cuts to the Homestead Property Tax Credit and the working poor with the darn near elimination of the Earned Income Tax credit from a maximum of $650 once a year to $50.00 in total.

Additionally, Rick Snyder promised and lied that giving a 1 Billion dollar tax break ---which was in reality a tax shift -- to C & S Corporations in this State would "create jobs". According to figures from BLS or the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, Michigan's unemployment rate REMAINS the 8th highest in the nation.

Photo Credit - Bureau of Labor Statistics
The "jobs" that Snyder claims he has "created" are low wage at best. Michigan average wage of residents in this state is down from a former average of nine out of 50 states to 40 out of 50 states.

Voters must know the truth about Rick Snyder. 

From Emergency Manager dictatorships to signing Right to Work for Less Legislation despite 14K strong at the Lansing Capitol Building in Protest December 2012 --- after claiming it was "Not on His Agenda" -- Rick Snyder has been a highly polarizing figure at best for the Michigan we all know and love.

On Tuesday, November 4, Michigan residents and especially our African-American community across the state MUST embark on polling locations to vote Rick Snyder OUT OF OFFICE. It is critically important to ensure another 4 years of Snyder does not happen in our beloved state of Michigan.

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