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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Op/Ed- Numbers Video: Governor Snyder Warns Suburbs, They Will Feel 'His Recovery' If Re-Elected

Photo Credit - Mark
Michigan Governor Rick Snyder warns Suburbanites if they
have not felt "his recovery" yet, they will soon and residents in outlying
areas should heed his words. 
This is not a joke. Michiganders, you or your love ones living in non-Minority- Majority areas of our beloved State widely known as the Suburbs, you might soon feel up close and personal the grapes of wrath for Governor Rick Snyder (R) so-called 'Recovery', if he is re-elected to the States' highest executive officer position. 
Take this warning seriously, as it was given in the Governor's Video. If you have not experienced Mr. Snyder in his full glory - Que the opening video music - then bravely view below:

Graduating from 'One Tough Nerd" mocker, to now telling state residents "When to Feel What and Where," Governor Snyder boldly claims his policies added 300,000 jobs to Michigan. Be aware of large numbers with no proof positive to back the fallacy claims up.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics August 2014 Report, Michigan continues to be in the bottom basement of job creation of all 50 states, ties for 47th or the third from last in the nation for job creation with a 7.7% unemployment rate.

Michigan ties the smallest state in the union of Rhode Island, along with density populated Nevada for Snyder's on-going deficit with adding employment opportunities Michiganders can believe in, during his three years and eight months as the State's Chief Executive Officer.

While the Governor's head looms large over a curved street somewhere in the "Numbers" video, Snyder claims Michigan lost its' economic engine because "politics got in the way".

However, Governor Snyder either forgot or intentionally glassed over the biggest political stunt in Michigan within the last twenty years, December 7-9, 2012. Living forever in the minds of any true Michigander, cue up the Right to Work for Less debate and standoff.

"The House is set to pass H.B. 4054, the "Right to Work" bill. The Governor (Snyder) CLOSED the entire Chamber (rotunda and all) to the Public during votes on this bill and other similar measures today," State Representative and now Minority Floor Leader, David Rutledge (D-Ypsilanti) cited on December 7, 2012. 
'A Ingham County Circuit Court ruled (less than 30 minutes ago) that the Governor was in violation of the Open Meeting Act and ordered the Chamber to be re-opened to the Residents from the state of Michigan.  
Michigan's Republicans have attached an Appropriation of $1,000,000 dollars to House Bill 4054. In other words the bill, as passed will be REFERENDUM PROOF. The people can never repeal this law, unless it is overturned in the House/Senate and by a Future Governor or in the State Court System."
Talking about "Playing Politics", Governor Snyder knows this word salad all too well.

Other policies, now Michigan Complied Laws in which many of these actions signed by Governor Snyder fits quite well in the Corporate Cronyism category of our State History; including the Emergency Manager Law 1.0 Public Act #4 of 2011, the morphing of Dictatorship in Emergency Manager Law 2.0 Public Act 436 of 2012, and what is known widely known as Michigan's Educational Achievement Authority (EAA).

Between the EAA and facing litigation over the questionable language used in the passage of Proposal 1 of 2014, Governor Snyder in "Numbers" has used a form of semblance to forewarn in a rather matter-of-fact psychic tone, what could come coming for the Suburbs if he's re-elected to a second term.

Michigan's Educational Achievement Authority started as a Republican fueled, owned and operated idea that became a law in 2011, with Governor Rick Snyder's signature. A so-called "Chancellor" was hired -- an African-American failed educator named John Convington.

Convington in early 2014, admitted failure and defeat yet again, in this "efforts" to turn around the state's lowest 15 performing schools in Detroit Public School District, the Detroit Free Press cited.

In 2011, John Covington, the new chancellor of Michigan’s reform school district, laid out a goal: 
“We need to make it clear from day one that this is truly about improving public schools across this entire state,” he said. 
On Monday, Covington resigned with a year left on his contract. 
His departure comes amid criticism that the Detroit schools in the Education Achievement Authority (EAA) have failed to show improvement — and as efforts to expand the system statewide have fizzled. Critics have also raised questions about the system’s finances, student discipline and teacher turnover. 
Covington said he was stepping down immediately to care for his ill mother and to launch a consulting businesses."
Consulting business?

One might be wise to check the Michigan' Department of Treasury's account payable statement,s as the last time a Snyder official "stepped down" or resigned and had some mystery form of consulting skills, it turned out he was consulting outside of State Taxpayers knowledge.

Remember Andy Dillon anyone?

Anywho, before and after Covington's timid departure it appears the EAA has experienced quite a problem recruiting and educating students for some time now.
"A Free Press report in April showed overall enrollment dropped 25% after the EAA’s first year, and MEAP scores released earlier this year showed most EAA students either weren’t showing improvement or were getting worse, despite internal testing showing students making big gains. In the first year, the district lost roughly a third of its teaching staff."
Which means for the EAA to show better results, it must expand. Specifically expand into areas were the children are blighter, lighter and carry more per pupil dollars per head.

Cue up "The EAA is Coming to a Suburban Public School District near you" district if Governor Snyder is re-elected. Remember, Snyder's says his version of "recovery" is not done quite yet.

From the Detroit Free Press -September 3, 2014:
State officials said the Education Achievement Authority did not violate any laws or misuse student data when it sent letters telling parents their children were assigned to the district. 
The Michigan Department of Education launched an investigation after people in Detroit, Pleasant Ridge, Grosse Pointe, Southfield and other communities reported receiving the letters in recent days, just ahead of the new school year that started Tuesday
Martin Ackley, a spokesman for the MDE, said Tuesday that the EAA used a private mailing house similar to the ones tapped by some political campaigns. The mailing houses use U.S. Census data to “micro-identify households,” such as households in a certain area that have children, he said. 
“At this time, we are satisfied that no personal student-level data was shared with the EAA,” Ackley said in an e-mail. “No one at MDE had anything to do with the letters, releasing student data, or the recipients of the letters, and no state or federal laws were violated.” 
He also said: “The EAA said the intention of these letters was to invite outside students to come to EAA schools, and they now admit they could’ve done a better job in crafting the message in the letter.” 
The letters were titled “Confirmation of 2014-2015 School Assignment.” They told parents their student had been assigned to a particular EAA school. It’s unclear how many letters were sent out.
Michiganders would be wise to remember all players in schemes designed to privatize everything the state. The efforts of privatization are not bound nor will stop at the boarder lines of high-minority populated areas or schools districts the Great Lakes Blue.

Maximum revenue is achieved by total takeover and to meet this goal, the privatization cohorts must invade into suburban economic class lines and effectively steal revenue dollars tied within these areas.

Cue up Governor Rick Snyder's Transformation Manager Richard Baird for all matters relating to Detroit's Bankruptcy, Quasi 'Public Failing School Districts', Claiming Personal Property Tax Exemptions in two states and more, Richard Baird.

As for Transformation Manager Baird's Personal Property Tax snafu, now all is well on the Western or Northern Michigan front thanks to Bath Township Assessor Beth Botke, according to MLive.

From MLive - September 3, 2014:

"Rich Baird, a top aide to Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, received a property tax exemption he should not have qualified for because of a computer error, according to the local office that processed his paperwork. 
Bath Township Assessor Beth Botke said that Baird never signed a “primary residency exemption” affidavit when purchasing his home in 2011, but he received the exemption anyway. The township computer system did not recognize a rescind order from the previous homeowner, she explained. 
“It really was a clerical error and a computer error,” Botke told MLive. “Once it came to his attention, he brought it to our attention and we corrected it within less than 24 hours.” 
Baird receives a similar exemption on a Chicago-area home where his wife still lives, making him ineligible for the Michigan version. He paid $16,700 in back taxes and fees to Clinton County last month a day after the MIRS subscription news service first reported his dual tax breaks."
Those pesky computer errors, or don't be fooled by the wolves in sheep's clothing Little Red Riding Hood.

Back to Governor Snyder and his "Numbers" commercial promise. So Suburbanites, if you have not felt Snyder's "Recovery" yet, you surely will if he is re-elected.

Another reason to vote like your future depended on it election day, November 4, 2014, because more than likely, it does.

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