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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Op/Ed: MI Governor Rick Snyder's Scandals and Convicted Fmr. Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell, Eerie Connections

Photo Credit - IUNT
Recently, IUNT staff had the unique opportunity to think about exactly what Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell's (R) Conviction on a mix of Corruption, Ethics violations and Bribery means for our beloved state of Michigan. 

In just, Michigan needs tighter Governmental Corruption Laws.

As the November 4, 2014 elections are drawing ever so close, and Governor Rick Snyder is taking to television, video and Michigan road to eject his head over near you; IUNT believes McDonnell's convictions presents the perfect opportunity to reflect on Snyder's three years and eight months of Scandalous, scandals.

1). Skunk-works
Project Skunk Works part 2, as Michigan Governor Rick Snyder appoints State Education Chief Flanagan to new 'task group'

2). Andy Dillon working as a "Consultant" for Conway-Mackenzie - Creditor in the Detroit Bankruptcy Case -- after signing off on Detroit's Bankruptcy while working as State TREASURER.
Former Treasurer/State Consultant Andy Dillon takes a Caribbean Final Work Week Vacation - funded by Michigan Taxpayers

3). How Right to Work for Less was bought and paid for by Dick Devos

Dick Devos: Michigan's Democracy Has No Rulers

4). P.A.4 of 2011,then P.A. 436 of 2012 and who is handing out contracts to whom?
(VIDEO) The March to Detroit Bankruptcy; Why Procedural Questions Continue

5). Cousin George Snyder in the furniture Business -- getting paid off OUR tax dollars
(VIDEO): Thirteen Years for Total Control - Why the Detroit Bankruptcy 'Grand Bargain' is a Bad Deal

6). The Detroit March to Bankruptcy highly questionable Email Chain of Richard Baird
NERD Fund Consultant Baird Becomes a State Employee, as Criticism Swells on Gov. Snyder's EM Strategy

7). The Educational Achievement Authority --- ALL OF IT 

The Deficit Budget, Teach for America "Teachers?", John Covington - The "Chancellor" that booked out of town after one year, the 25% drop off rate of students in one year, failing MEAP/ACT/SAT Scores, recruiting students out of district -- on purpose with data that usually the Michigan Department of Education only has, all while we the taxpayers are paying for this.

The Sky Has Fallen on Free Public Educational System in Michigan for Decades, nearly no one cared

8). Nerd Fund
Another NERD Fund Emerges for Governor Rick Snyder, with Online Disclosures

9). Nerd Fund 2 --- The Emails

E-mails renew controversy over identity of Gov. Snyder's NERD fund donors - Detroit Free Press

10). The Aramark Correctional Food Service Contract - Quid pro quo? While Prisoner eat maggots and Aramark is "fined" $250K (The Contact is worth $25 Million).
EPISODE 343: Guest Matt Stannard Bank Act, MI Gov. Rick Snyder Aramark Corrections Food Service Problem 7.24 -IU Radio LIVE

11). MHSDA Director Scandal costing US thousands of dollars

Michigan housing director resigns following release of expense reports for luxury hotels, fancy meals - MLive

Yeah, we need better ethics, corruption and Bribery laws in Michigan. 

However, you one is African-American and last name Kirkpatrick -- the former Detroit Mayor serving 27 years or so in a Federal Prison for similar matters --- either in singular mode or combination of the all of above scandals, if they actually was charged criminally. Well, then our laws in Michigan or on the Federal level work quite effectively on the books NOW depending on the melanin in the persons' skin.

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