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Monday, September 22, 2014

Michigan Gubernatorial Debate Finally, as Gov. Rick Snyder stops duck and dodge of Challenger Mark Schauer

Photo Credit - The Freep
Michigan Gov. RIck Snyder (R) and Challenger - former Congressman
Mark Schauer (L) will finally debate on October 12 at 6:00 at Wayne State
Governor Rick Snyder (R) was appearing to be a wee-bit faint hearted on his efforts to dodge any notion of a gubernatorial debate against challenger and former U.S. Congressman, Mark Schauer (D).

Now all the ducking appears to have changed overnight or the polls showing a neck and neck dead even tie or Schauer in the lead by +/- 3% has Snyder changing tactics from the Town Hall Urban City hand-picked audience "listening tour" to a full, real live -- yet only one hour minus question and commercial time, debate.

From M-Live 9/22/14:

Michigan voters will get to see Republican Gov. Rick Snyder and Democratic challenger Mark Schauer share a stage this fall after all. 
Both candidates have agreed to participate in a televised town hall on October 12 in Detroit. The hour-long forum is set to begin at 6 p.m. on the campus of Wayne State University. 
The Schauer campaign is calling it a debate, while the Snyder campaign is calling it a joint appearance. Either way, voters will see both candidates engage with moderators, an audience of undecided voters and each other. 
Details were negotiated with The Detroit News, the Detroit Free Press and Detroit Public Television, which will make a satellite and internet feed available to media outlets across the state. 
“We feel it is our obligation, as the state’s largest public broadcaster, to use our resources to share this event with as many voters as possible,” said DPTV President and CEO Rich Homberg."
Regular call on questioners who work for the same resource Gannett Corporation - Nolan Finley for the Detroit News and Stephen Henderson for the Detroit Free Press will ask the inquiries moderated by Public Televisions DPTV’s Christine McDonald who will host and field audience questions.

This should be interesting. Wonder will us regular Michiganders be offered a ticket? More likely than not, nope!

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