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Friday, August 8, 2014

Op/Ed: Why the Good Guys and Gals --- Don't Win Elections: Post Primary 2014 Analysis

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We say we want reformers, change agents, leaders with ethics and honesty -- yet come election day we are too darn busy to travel to polling locations or request an absentee ballot, and vote for them -- IN MASS.
We sit on social media and boast we support this, back that, are down for the cause -- however, behind close doors some of us are really just engaging in idle down time babble.
We say in front of others phases like "we got your back", "good job", "go for it" and etc., but many times we fail to back up our verbal or written convictions with actual greenbacks to assist with financing a campaign.

We in many cases rightfully complain about "the status quo leadership", yet fail to fully grasp the reality to remove said leadership it takes boots on the ground (volunteers) to knock on doors, tell others (outside of social media), use the power of 10 (tell ten people, it transforms to 100 and beyond).

Being grassroots means working hard in proven grassroots methodologies.
We let petty disagreements separate us. Envy divide us. Invisible lines of boundaries - make distances between us similar to one of the seven great oceans. The divide and conquer strategy works without opponents spending a dollar in negative campaign tactics, because it fosters its' own high raisin wire fences.
We let the corporate media to make up our minds, over of taking one hour per week to research the candidate or his or her positions.
We allow sponsored commercials on radio, tv, the number of campaign signs placed in certain locations, etc., make up our minds over asking the candidate directly why they support a certain policy, initiative or cause.
We allow for groups, organizations or "traditional" causes to influence our positions, over developing a viewpoint based on actual research and KNOWLEDGE for oneself.
Until, all of the above is CHANGED, the Good Guys and Girls will not win.

The only way to beat a robust cash flow, marketing, negatively, cliques, verbal notations without bona fide actions and all of the rest, is dedication.
Not just on social media, not just by saying and never giving up a dollar or more, not just by accepting the studio quo, not just by complaining without a STRATEGICAL plan for real CHANGE....but only by taking all of the words above, allowing it to fester in ones brain cells and devote all efforts, to change it!

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