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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Op/Ed: How Many More? In America, Evidence Proves the Life of an African-American Male or Female is Still Less Than

Photo Credit - Twitter @elisacrouch
In Detroit on Thursday, a verdict was rendered in the Renisha McBride, 19, murder case. Guilty, the jury determined Theodore Wafer was of Second-Degree Murder.

The McBride family awaits if Wafer will serve life in prison. Still, Reisha's life is no more of this Earth.

Less than three days later, another shooting of an unarmed African-American young person takes place. Is America tired of this?

This being Shootings of unarmed African-Americans by others -- whether it be a quasi "Security Guard", a homeowner behind a locked door, a law enforcement official or Joe and Jane Q Citizen. No, America is not "tired" of this. Because, without a doubt IT will happen again.

If you the reader cannot handle this truth, stop reading this piece --- now.

This time, the scene is set in the Saint Louis, Missouri area of Ferguson. The Victim is Mike Brown, 18,  pictured above shot eight times.

The life of an African-American Female or Male is worth less than to way too damn many in this country.

We are temporarily outraged. Protests are called. The same Activists show up on the scene days after. The National Media make it a story, again temporarily.

Some will use it as a cry to "take guns off the street" that ever will really happen, NOT. 

Someone (usually the shooter but not ALWAYS) will be charged. The victim family will cry for justice. More press conferences of family members in pain by the lost or their son, daughter, mom, dad, cousin, nephew or niece will take place. The on-call Activists are standing there for this press conference.

Someone will make an memorial shirt. Then a memorial picture. Next, someone else will take this picture, place it on MANY T-Shirts and try to make a profit. 

The jury hears the evidence. The shooter -- especially if they are NOT African-American -- have a 85% chance of being found "innocent" - 15% Guilty. In this case, the shooter is found innocent. 

More outrage. Another call to "stop the violence", "keep the peace" as anger builds. A couple of minor incidents happen but nothing serious. There's a call for a "Federal Investigation" -- which never seem to materialize.

The family moves away from the spotlight. This story moves out of the "National Focus". Outraged folks go back to their daily lives. 

Still another the African-American Man or Woman is dead, until.....this whole sick cycle repeats itself yet again.

Sadly, America is no way is "tired" of this. In fact, they know full well how this sick, repeating cycle will play out. 

RIP- Michael Mike) Brown. The latest Victim of Walking, Running, Living and Breathing, while Black -- and shot to death. 

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