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Friday, August 15, 2014

Op/Ed: Ferguson, MO Police Chief THOMAS JACKSON Must Resign NOW! This is why.

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Calls are building for Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson to resign.
UPDATE -1:40 pm ET Tuesday, August 15:
According to MSNBC, statement was recently released from Family of Victim Michael Brown expressing their "outrage" in the way the information on the alleged robbery crime was released in a "deviant" way by the Ferguson Police Department. 
As a former Law Enforcement arena Official, there is a need to explain what was seen in the video released by Ferguson Police Department Chief Thomas Jackson, allegedly showing a robbery suspect stealing an cigarillo's smoking materials.

Emphasis must be placed on the robbery that is allegedly shown in the still pictures and video. The video has been released on MSNBC and this incident, in its entirely, was less than 45 sections. 

The Suspect appears in the video attempt to walk out of a store holding the alleged cigarillo's stolen in hand. 

The alleged Victim runs in front of the door of the store, allegedly to stop the Suspect from leaving the location with the alleged cigarillo's stolen. 

The Suspect pushes the alleged Victim out of the exit door of the store, near a store rack, and immediately let go of the Victim, in less than 10 sections. 

The Suspect proceed to walk out of the door with another individual. 

The Victim begins to re-approach the Suspect again. 

The Suspect turns to the left to re-approach the Victim, however, does not re-confront the Victim in any assaultive way. Words are exchanged. 

The Suspect turns back to the right towards the store door and walks out of the door with the alleged Cigarillo's, with another individual. 

The Victim approaches the door and appears to be yelling out of the door, while holding the door. 

The Suspect is not seen again in the video at this point. 

The force used by Law Enforcement Official Darren Wilson in response to this alleged Robbery, to confronting ten-thirty minutes later to 18-Year-Old Michael Brown was excessive.

To shoot an Alleged Suspect in an alleged Robbery 6-10 Times in the streets for allegedly pushing a store clerk after allegedly stealing Cigarillo's, the action nor force used DOES NOT fit the nature of the alleged crime! 

Officer Darren Wilson should be charged with Murder in the First Degree and Police Chief Thomas Jackson MUST RESIGN from the Ferguson Police Department for failing to train his staff in proper procedures in engaging criminal suspects, along with failing to instruct his staff to call for back-up as a mandatory action for engaging a suspect in an alleged robbery without a weapon. 

In addition, Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson must be forced to resign for tainting the investigation of the killing of Mike Brown.

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