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Monday, August 4, 2014

Independent Underground Radio LIVE Reaches Podcast Milestone with over 1 Million Podcast Listens, Downloads

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Independent Underground Radio LIVE -A Michigan Based Political Podcast - achieved over
1 Million listens and downloads July 31, 2014

Officially, on July 31, 2014, Independent Underground Radio LIVE (IURL) - A Michigan's
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Based Top Politico Podcast achieved a cherished milestone in the on-demand radio news and commentary industry.

Known by the short code letters of IURL, the program reached over 1 Million Downloads and Listens since its inception October 2010.

"We're indeed honored to have met and exceed our initial vision for IURL in less than four years," said Executive Producer and Host of Independent Underground Radio LIVE Monica RW.

"What started as a vision to change the way news, commentary and information is received on Michigan and National Politics from topics ranging from economics to finance and important analysis of pending legislation on the State and Federal level, has citzens from across our nation listening in."
A Featured Politics podcast on the Blog Talk Radio Network, IURL begun as Reach Out Job Search Radio (ROJS-R) in late 2010. The program focus comprised of building an advocacy and resource point for America's Long-Term Job Seekers - unemployed and underemployed citizens near exhaustion points of Federal jobless benefit extensions - then up to 99 weeks in length.
"The show was likewise at the time a form to vent initially. As like many other Americans I was equality laid off in 2008 from a telecommunications management role held for over seven years," Monica RW stated.  
"ROJS Radio searched for concrete solutions to return our fellow Brothers and Sisters across this nation experiencing career transition, back to work."
Based on the work of ROJS Radio and the blog, which started in April 2010 as Reach Out Job Search News (ROJS-N), Monica RW was invited by Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-California) to Washington, D.C. to speak on behalf the 99ers - long term jobless Americans - advocating for the passage of HR-589, February 9, 2011.
"IURL became my job and in retrospect, career transition point. The show and blog leveled into point of dignity restored for helping others continuing to experience the struggle trying of living and surviving on jobless benefits, but not fall under to the point of no return," Monica RW stated.
In mid 2012, IURL Executive Producer Monica RW started working with an mentor in the radio industrypreparing the program for reaching new levels, without losing its' established independent-left grassroots focus.
"The mentor who shall remain nameless, first told me you need to change the show name," reflected Monica RW. "They said, it is critically important for the program long-term growth, its' sets itself apart from other programs in the talk radio, and especially on-demand streaming radio industry." 
"As Executive Producer, I took this advice to heart one because whom it was coming from, and second for the programs' next transition point. As a resource for news, information and commentary on a wide range of subjects relating to politics, advocacy, social issues and income inequality topics our listeners - the political left, right and middle - wanted to hear about."
Officially in October 2012, former ROJS was renamed Independent Underground
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News & Talk
 and Independent Underground Radio LIVE podcast.

"The Independent label is important for our growth pattern I have found," stated Monica RW. 
"On the show and blog we're not timid. We regularity provide critical analysis for both sides of Michigan's and National political spectrums." 
"Our first allegiance is to tell our listeners and readers, the truth as we see it, without filters, spins and unnecessary conjuncture," Monica RW empathized. 
Monica RW explained on her vision of IURL and how the show maintains a independent-left progressive political stance.
"Of course we lean Independent-Left, however, the show does not back peddle on criticizing Democratic politics that do not properly meet the economic or social needs of America's 90% percenters, our middle and lower income citizens." 
"This is and will remain our primary vision, people empowerment before political party empowerment. We will strongly support candidates Left, Center and in a small aspect on the Right that stand up for policies that help People over rich corporations," reiterated Monica RW. 
"Corporations are not People despite whatever a five member voting block of the U.S. Supreme Court says."
IURL's growth pattern has been massive.

In 2013 IURL was named one out of five nationwide finalist for the prestigious Black Weblog Awards for Best News and Politics blog, along with runner up for Best Podcast.

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Producer and show host Monica RW has given commentary and opinions on NPR Talk of the Nation, Huff Post Live, Leid Stories with Utrice Leid and led a Podcasting Seminar with Heritage Media in early 2014.

"It's an honor to be asked to speak on a particular topic or subject matter," stated Monica RW. "Yet, what's amazing is how our guests let us know how they appreciate our professional interview style."  
"We do as some do in the talk media industry, set to have a interview full of confrontation and drama," Monica RW explained. "Instead, whether we agree with all of the interviewees opinions or not, IURL always thrive to present our questions to inquire information on why a person believes a certain point, then create a 'got ya' moment."
While reaching over 1 million podcast listens and downloads, IURL's interviewees have
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included former New Mexico Governor and Presidential Candidate in 2012 Gary Johnson (L), Vermont Gov. Howard Dean (D) and Maryland Governor Martin O' Malley (D) with the Google + Sensible Politics group.

Other interviewees have included Assistant Secretary of Education under President George W. Bush - Dr. Diane Ravitch, Daily Kos Founder Markos Moulitsas, Congressman Dan Kildee (D-Michigan) and over 300 politicians, community activist, experts in economics, finance and more.

Soon, IURL will be heard on Progressive Voices, newly created Grok Vox on-demand channel. In addition the program current online streaming services of Tune It In Radio, Stitcher, iTunes, Soundcloud, Learn Out Loud and the Blog Talk Radio Network. 

"Our goals include continuing to growth exponentially as we have done since our humble beginnings," Monica RW stated. 
"Being an African-American woman in independent media is important for young girls of future generations who've dreams creating their own vision and watch it prosper. I and IURL wants to continue setting that example for them."
For more information on IURL, sponsoring or for donations to the IUNT's fundraising efforts, visit the following link.

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Independent Underground Radio LIVE is Michigan's TOP POLITICO PODCAST with over 1 MILLION + lifetime listeners since October 2010 and growing!
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