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Monday, July 21, 2014

Netroots Nation Roundup - Detroit 2014 Independent Underground News & Talk

Photo Credit - Netroots Nation 2014 Detroit

The biggest Progressive Blogging Conference of the year, Netroots Nation visited Detroit over the course of July 17-20, 2014.

Independent Underground News & Talk had the pleasure of attending this event on behalf of our politics informational resource named above and Michigan's TOP POLITICO Podcast, Independent Underground Radio LIVE.
Photo Credit- IU News & Talk
Political Rap Artists - DOP Inc (Definition of Propaganda)
from Southern California visited Netroots Nation '14
to take part in the Detroit Water Protests.

Most impressive was our On-The-Ground from Netroots Nation interview on Thursday, July 17 with Michigan Congressman Dan Kildee (D-Flint) and Detroit Based C.P.A. Tom Barrow.  TYT Detroit Coordinator Nancy Frazier visited our program to discuss the organization Netroots Nation Kick-Off Event hosted at the Detroit Anchor Bar later Thursday evening.

Wolf-PAC Michigan State Volunteer Aaron Rewa stopped by the show to talk about the groups' effort to fund a Political Action Committee (PAC) to end all PAC's by passing the 28th Amendment in the U.S. Constitution to end Citizens United.

Feel free to listen with this show on Soundcloud at the following link, and PLEASE EXCUSE ANY TECHNICAL ISSUES IN ADVANCE WITH THIS PODCAST. THANKS!

Photo Credit - IU News & Talk
Owner of IU News & Talk
Monica RW and NWU Chapter
President-Michigan - Alecia
On Friday, we had the honor of marching with our National Writers Union Brothers and Sisters in protest of the on-going Detroit Water Shutoffs, which we have covered exclusively on Independent Underground Radio LIVE. 

The estimated 3000+ strong solidarity protest was organized on behalf of The People's Water Board of Detroit, Robin Hood Tax Organization, National Nurses United and a host of other community organizations, unions and activist groups.

Photo Credit - IU News & Talk
Members of the National Action Network and Actor/Activist
Mark Ruffalo at Detroit Water Shutoff Protest 7.18

Actor and Activist Mark Ruffalo kicked off the event with a rousing speech dedicated to the Late Detroit Based Environmental Activist Charity Mahouna Hicks.

Ms. Hicks "Wage Love" campaign and work starting the Detroit Water Brigade was the engine to began national, international news and even United Nations Council on Human Rights attention to the highly questionable water shut offs in the City - where the poverty rate averages 40%.

View the video of the Actor and Activist Mark Ruffalo starting Protests of Detroit Water Shut Offs below:

The March continued to the Detroit Downtown Headquarters of J.P. Morgan Chase banking institution, where protesters called for the Federal government bailed out corporation to stop unjust mortgage practices which led to the Detroit Bankruptcy proceedings still on-going before U.S. 6th Circuit Court Federal Judge, Steven Rhodes.

View the video of the Protest of J.P. Morgan Chase Downtown Detroit Headquarters below:

Onward the Hart Plaza in Downtown Detroit the protesters went, where the National Nurses United organization declared the City to be in the mist of a Public Health Crisis. Local Leader of the National Action Network (NAN) Charles Willliams III called on the crowd to turn facing Detroit's City-Council building, via the opposite side of Jefferson Street, to tell Michigan's Governor Rick Snyder (R) and Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr to turn back on the water.

View the video of protesters gathering in Detroit's Hart Plaza below:

After the protest, Independent Underground Radio LIVE had the opportunity to speak with Jon Sinton founder of the wildly popular Progressive Voices Network, simulcasted on TuneIn Radio. Additionally, we spoke with Elon James White, Founder of the top urban radio commentary media platform, This Week In Blackness.

Wrapping up what was a busy weekend listening to Democratic U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow and Michigan Gubernatorial Candidate Mark Schauer speeches before the Netroots Nation crowd of attendees on Saturday, overall NN14 in Detroit left the area with a positive and fired-up agenda to pursue going forward into the critical November 2014 Elections.
Photo Credit - IU News and Talk
Detroit Water Shutoffs Protest 7.18

As Detroit and the Michigan region as a whole has faced many challenges, highly controversial public policy decisions including the implementation of taxing retirees pensions, cuts to the States' public school budget, stains on local municipalities as promised State Shared Revenue receipts were slashed, Michigan's largest City forced filing on behalf of Governor Rick Snyder (R) U.S. Bankruptcy Court  -- voters of the Great Lakes have a important decision to make.

Keep the same status quo of State Policy and Legislation of the last four years on behalf of Governor Rick Snyder, a Republican controlled State House and Senate -- or start new slate with remarkably different leadership. We will see if the seed implanted for radical change in Michigan by the Netroots Nation Conference will extend over the next five months.

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