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Sunday, July 6, 2014

MSNBC Commentator Krystal Ball Tells Detroit 's E.M. Kevyn Orr: Turn on The Taps, Water is a Human Right

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Talk about embarrassing. Detroit Emergency Manager unjustly called Detroit's Residents dumb and lazy less than five months after appointment to his position of dominance over City government affairs, August 2013. Less than seven months later, E.M. Orr has used his position of authority to announce Detroit Residents with an inability to pay water bills rising 119% over the past 10 years, would face water shutoffs in the middle of summer.

As recent as the last two weeks, the United Nations Human Rights Council condemned the actions of Detroit's Water and Sewer Department, depriving residents of a basic human right to water access. MSNBC Commentator Krystal Ball filling in on Saturday July 5 Melissa Harris-Perry program, wrote a Open Letter to E.M. Kevyn Orr encouraging Michigan's Governor Rick Snyder (R) appointee to cease shutting off access to fresh water and restore services, while Detroit Residents face at 40% poverty rate, along with U-6 data 25% unemployment and 35% underemployment rates.

Review Ball's Commentary Open Letter to Detroit's Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr below:

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