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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Things MSNBC Would Never Cover: Rhode Island Dems Work to Kill $15 Minimum Wage Hike

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Independent Underground News & Talk, aligning on our Independent-Left Stance, will start a new series titled respectfully: "Things MSNBC Would Never Cover". MSNBC is known as a quasi 'Progressive' Network which is majority owned lock, stock and barrel by Comcast Corporation - 51%. The other 49% is owned by another austerity focused corporation, General Electric.

Comcast is the same company pushing the Federal Communication Commission to end Net Neutrality, but it rare if ever the masses of MSNBC watchers will hear this important fact on the network.

It's equality telling as in this story below, how Republicans nearly nationwide are against reasonable costs of living increases pushing the Minimum Wage to $10.10 or More - when self-described Democrats are promoting similar policies, that MSNBC Talking Heads and Hosts go silent.
For the purposes of this article on "Things MSNBC Would Never Cover" we travel to Rhode Island were Democrats are working in union to kill a $15.00 per hour minimum wage hike, as reported by Bloomberg News.

While progressives on Providence, Rhode Island City Council voted to impose a $15 per hour minimum wage for its' largest corporately owned and operated hotel workers, Democratic Leadership streets away from the municipality's governmental office vow to quash any efforts to place "undue hardships on businesses".

It's more important it be on the state and not every city and county having their own minimum wage," he said. Measures like the hotel proposal in Providence, Rep. Raymond E. Gallison, Jr., the Democratic chair of the House Finance Committee, told HuffPost said, "will cause undue hardships on businesses."

The move outraged Providence elected officials supporting on a local level, legislation affirming the City's rights to set wages for it's workers. Luis A. Aponte, a Providence city councilman, told Huffington Post some Democratic lawmakers in the statehouse felt they had a "trump card" to "nullify whatever we did at the local level."
“I’m really surprised,” said Providence City Councilmember Carmen Castillo to Bloomberg News, to see “Democrats attack the minimum wage.” Castillo is an Omni hotel housekeeper and member of the hospitality union UNITE HERE Local 217, the group that pushed the council to advance the referendum.  
"We can take care of our own city," Castillo said. "They think they're protecting the hotels, the big companies. But they're not thinking about how it will affect workers in the whole state, and not just hotel workers."
The $15 minimum wage measure being considered in Providence would apply only to hotels with at least 25 rooms, carving out bed and breakfasts and small motels.

Rhode Island Democrats policies appear more in line with austerity focused Republicans leadership across America than one would suspect of elected leaders affiliated with the Party of former President Franklin D. Roosevelt. In recent months, the smallest state in the Union Democrats have passed for pension reforms that raised the retirement age, suspending cost-of-living increases, forced state workers into 401(k)-style plan and stands alone as it is the only Democratic legislature to pass a “voter ID” law.

The measures Democrats controlling Rhode Island's State legislature supports not only kills Providence’s minimum wage legislation also cuts corporate, estate taxes and ineffectively raises lower tier worker state wages to $7.75 per hour.

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