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Friday, June 20, 2014

Episode 337: Guest-Yoda from Magnified View; Quelling Drumbeats of a Mini-War in Iraq- 6/18 - IU Radio LIVE

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-Our Resident National Security Guru YODA from Magnified View will stop by the program to discuss quelling the Drumbeat and Chestbeaters of launching another War in Iraq.

As Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has allowed the Country where 4,400+ American Lives were lost over an unnecessary war to spun off to secular violence been the Baath, Sunni and Shia religious fractions, should one more U.S. Solider be sacrificed so-called "peace" in this country? We'll Discuss.

-Detroit Water Wars are heating up as City Residents in the middle of summer are being cut off in thousands from a necessary resources, Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson refusing Gov. Snyder plans for a regional authority and Detroit's City Council voting for another 8.7% rate hike in the water -- what is the necessary fix to all this mess?

-And the NFL's Washington Redskins have lost its' Controversial Trademark. Will this move force owner Daniel Snyder to change the teams offense name?

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