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Sunday, May 25, 2014

(VIDEO): The Pendulum Has Swung: Future of Progressive Talk Radio Is -- On the Web

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On Thursday, May 23, nationally syndicated talk radio personality Ed Schultz confirmed what many hosts of Progressive Talk Radio already knew. The Future of Progressive Talk Radio is On the Web.

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Specifically, traditional radio as we knew it will be available via a On-Demand format.

Whether the syndication point of streaming content is on iTunes, Stitcher On-Demand Radio,
Soundcloud or Tune-It In, turning on the old car radio to find a perfect frequency for a FM or AM Radio Station of choice will be sooner than later -- a thing of the past. Similar to a time capsule.

Listen to Ed Schutlz's interview with Top Talk Radio Consultant Holland Cooke discussing the future of Progressive Audio Media:

Now listen again to what Talk Radio Consultant and expert in the business Holland Cooke says here:

Record and upload voice >>

Cooke starts by informing Ed Schultz's and his MSNBC television audience, Schultz is making the right move by switching his content to a on-demand radio concept, from a traditional three hours a day five days per week aired radio broadcast.
"I think you are going in the right direction. Recently, an Executive from NPR - National Public Radio confirmed something I've suspected all along. There are actually more listeners On-Demand, than on radio though public radio. And it makes sense. It's the culture, it's the society we live in. We're in a VERY ON-DEMAND CULTURE," Cooke stated.
Next, Cooke places his bets and experience in the industry on traditional audio media moving to a podcast or on-demand radio format.

Ironically, Independent Underground Radio LIVE podcast airing since October 2010, was one of the first small-market crowd-funded financed Progressive Media venues to recognize this pendulum swing in talk based audio content delivery.
"Frankly radio is late to this party. There is no real DVR for radio (except) so far, it has been marginalized as podcasts. With real time live radio, you happen to be talking to the people that are available when you're doing the show," Cooke asserted.

And when you are doing a show, you're talking to guests that are available or callers that happen to be available at that point. This whole On-Demand thing is where its' at."
Statistical data supports Talk Radio Expert Holland Cooke's claim.

Photo Credit - Pew Research - Audio by the Numbers 2013 Report
Talk radio, long a bastion of charismatic, conservative show hosts, may be reaching a turning point as ratings fall and audiences change. Huge radio corporations such as Cumulus Media Inc. are shouldering enormous debt, leading to shrinking assets in small- and medium-market stations, and younger audiences are losing interest in shows patterned after leading talk show hosts.
"One of the biggest threats to AM/FM news is web-based listening, and that is where most of the growth is," according to Pew Research Audio by the Numbers 2013 report. 
"Roughly 4 out of 10 people (39%) listen to online audio monthly, according to Arbitron, and 3 out of 10 people (29%) listen at least once a week.2 Listeners there are not necessarily bound to hearing regular news as they would be on terrestrial radio."
This is where our flagship podcast Independent Underground Radio LIVE seeks to brake barriers and smash any glass ceilings that exist in Audio Media, along with who creates such content.

Since 2010, our program aired on the Blog Talk Radio Network and syndicated online via iTunes, Soundcloud and Stitcher On-Demand Radio, believes corporate media controlled radio is dead or are taking its last breaths of life. Listeners desire obtaining information, news and commentary from hosts not controlled by the "powers that be" reciting talking points from an extreme political left or right point of view.

Additionally, there is a huge need to expand the urban female "talker" in today's media sphere.

Over 90% of show host affiliated with traditional radio formats are two things: Male or Female -- and any other ethnic background besides African-American. In contrast, nearly 30% of up and coming African-American female media talent are found in the Online Media On-Demand marketplace.

The Black Weblog Awards winner for Best Podcast in 2013 Black Nerd Girls is just one example on how Independent voices segmented from the traditional radio format are catching stream on the net-waves. Independent Underground Radio LIVE was honored to be named as a runner-up for Best Podcast and Finalist for Best News & Politics Blog in 2013 for the Black Weblog Awards.

Moving forward -- the Future of Progressive Talk Radio is indeed On The Web. Furthermore, the future of Independent-Left Politics Discussion and Debate will flatline on traditional radio and continue to flourish in a Internet Based On-Demand format.

Our program Independent Underground Radio LIVE Fundraising Campaign is focused on moving Urban Internet Based Politico Talk Media to the 11th Level -- embarking on a Five Day Per Week, Three Hours per Day Audio and Video-cast.

Content created will not only air via On-Demand Radio streamers such as Stitcher, Soundcloud, iTunes and Blog Talk Radio, but also via You Tube with Google Handouts and the up and coming Video Streamer Service, Spreecast. To succeed in our quest, we need to raise upwards of $25,000 over the next two months. With over 130,000 listeners each month of IU Radio LIVE podcast and growing, we predict our statistical reach will excel by adding live Video with our podcast content.

As Big Talker Ed Schultz proved in his conversation with Holland Cooke, the future of Progressive Media is On-Demand, On-the-Web!

To donate to our on-going campaign to Expand Independent Underground Radio LIVE, go to or click the following link.
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Independent Underground Radio LIVE is Michigan's TOP POLITICO PODCAST with over 50K monthly podcast listeners and growing!
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