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Sunday, February 2, 2014

(VIDEO) FFT 2/2 - Governor Rick Snyder 'Comeback Kid' Super Bowl Ad Spins Record on Jobs, Education, Auto Bailout

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As Michigan Governor Rick Snyder released his election year
Super Bowl Ad marketing spin fails to equal truth for State Residents.

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Food for Thought 2/2

"As Michiganders, we have a couple of thoughts to share about Governor Rick Snyder's (R) upcoming Super Bowl Ad."

Our Governor - ever the marketer - believe residents in our beloved state and across our nation will be enamored by a High-Definition, Hollywood Produced, Jazz Room Feel -- Voiceover advertisement.

First, take a look at our Governor - the self-described Nerd Extraordinaire, who happens to scuba dive.

Pretty slick right. The "Comeback Kid" he claims.

Did Snyder consult with the true "Comeback Kid" former President Bill Clinton (D) on taking Bubba's mocker as his own? Probably not, but onward.

Now let us review the facts Governor Snyder and his marketing team left out, as a matter of convenience of course.

On Jobs

Governor Snyder boasted to anyone who would believe him - cue stage left as most Michiganders did not - his biggest achievement as the State Chief Executive Officer, the Right to Work for Less Law signed December 2012 would create jobs.

It has not.

Photo Credit - Michigan Department of Technology, Management and
Budget Website


December of 2012 Michigan's Unemployment Rate was 8.9%. One year later the State's Jobless Rate is 8.4% technically. Why technically?

Well, December 2013 data accounts for temporary 4th quarter seasonal hiring in the retail commerce sector. The temporary seasonal workers are normally terminated early January 2014 since labor is no longer needed as consumer shopping habits cease. The Supply and demand theory of commerce takes place, as credit card bills from giving gifts of the holiday season come due.

A quick peek to data provided by Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget (MDTMB) quantifies the following.

December 2012 jobless rate of 8.9% over twelve months, decreased 0.5% or by about 20,000 jobs. According to MDTMB's statistical data, 394,000 Michigan residents are unemployed or unemployed as a December 2013.

Governor Snyder "Comeback" for adding jobs in Michigan is commonly known as "Marketing Spin".

Michigan's unemployment rate remains fourth highest in the nation three years, one month and a day after Nerd Snyder cometh upon the Governor Office in the Romney Building.

The same Romney Building our Governor December 4, 2012 ordered Michigan State Police to guard from state citizens utterly confused on why the Governor signed in law a bill into law he said in 2011 was "not on his agenda".

 photo 222255_4543227912782_2008104126_n.jpg
Photo Credit - Independent Underground News & Talk
Michigan Union Workers Blocked trying to enter the George W. Romney
Building by State Police Officers December 12, 2012 as Governor Rick
Snyder (R) signed the Right-to-Work Legislation
The Governor promised Right to Work would bring a flood of jobs into Michigan. 
“This is about more and better jobs coming to Michigan because a lot of companies do look at this as a major factor in their analysis," Governor Snyder claimed on December 11, 2012 - one day before he signed the measure into law
"We’ll then be more competitive as a state and that’s good for all of us. It’s good for workers and good for unions, because it gives them more of an opportunity to grow themselves.” 
Michigan is not more competitive, the jobs are not here and Right-to-Work does not help Unions at all.

On Education

Next, the Governor touts his education record. According to Snyder's commercial education funding in Michigan is "Up".

Not so fast dear Governor Nerd.

In 2011 Governor Snyder transferred funding out of State's Public School Rainy Day Fund to grant a $1.8 billion dollar tax break to C & S Corporations.

Revisioning is a amazing feature but embellishing the total truth is a bit much.

From Independent Underground News - February 18, 2011:

"Snyder's $1.2 billion in permanent spending cuts spreads the pain around, in a state that held the highest unemployment rate in the nation for over two years. Michigan's budget year cuts, that starts October 1st would also include, if passed: 
It adds $1.7 billion to revenues by eliminating tax breaks for low-income workers, phasing out most senior tax breaks and getting rid of many other income tax deductions, such as one for donating to public universities. Personal deductions would be phased out for individuals making at least $75,000 or couples making at least $150,000. 
Public schools would see a 4 percent cut, or about $470 per student. Intermediate school districts would be cut 5 percent. 
Our state's 15 public universities, including one of top 10 education institutions in the nation, University of Michigan, would get 15 percent less, but $83 million would being set aside to be shared with universities that kept tuition increases around 7 percent or less. Community colleges would get the same $296 million they're getting now. 
Spending on universities and community colleges would be switched from the state's general fund to the school aid fund. School districts have criticized the move, saying it would draw money away from public schools just as the school aid fund begins to again build a surplus that could allow per-pupil payments to rise. 
Unionized State employees are going to be asked for $180 million in cuts. Health care premiums for those state employees would increase from 10% to 20%, and this is not counting medical deductibles. 
Local governments would see their state payments cut. Due a state law barring many local communities and towns from accessing local taxes to increase revenue, operating budgets for those cities would be on the brink of bankruptcy and services like police, fire protection would fall apart.  
Eliminating 300 field worker positions in the Department of Human Services, before- and after-school program and, reducing the hourly rates paid to unlicensed aids and relatives in the child day care program. 
Only Michiganders that that would be spared Governor Snyder's 'axe' would be Michigan's largest corporations. Snyder's budget would save large businesses $1.8 billion in state mandated tax by switching from Michigan Business Tax to a new 6 percent tax on corporate income. That cut is larger than the $1.5 billion he originally said the switch would cost."
Governor Snyder signed the budget into law in 2011 and fallout from the measure has been felt by Michigan Residents starting 2012 and since.

Seniors across the state previously not required to pay taxes on pension and annuity income were taxed. Michigan Homestead Property Tax Credit was capped at a maximum of $50,000 on earned income. The State's Earned Income Tax credit for middle and lower class residents was reduced from $600 to $50.

Public Schools Districts in Benton Harbor, Buena Vista and Inkster closed in 2012 due to a lack of state funding.

"It is extremely troubling that Inkster Public Schools will not open its doors," State Representative David Knezek (D-Dearborn Heights) said in July.

"The city has been hard-hit by recession and economic decline over recent years, and it's unconscionable to see one of the enduring cornerstones of the community being stripped away."

To date six districts: Ecorse, East Detroit, Highland Park, Muskegon Heights, Pontiac and Detroit Public Schools are ran by a State-Imposed Emergency Manager or Under Review by Michigan's Department of Treasury under Public Act 436 of 2012, due to inadequate financial status caused by Governor Snyder cuts to State Public Schools funding in 2011. 

Governor Snyder's own matrix plan to "fix" Detroit Public Schools --strangely titled Michigan's Educational Achievement Authority (EAA) -- lacks accountability and results which is totally un-Nerd or Comeback like.

After Snyder signed formation of the EAA in law in 2011, our Governor promised this authority would prepare Detroit's Youth to succeed.

"Students deserve an education that can best prepare them to succeed after graduation, either in the work force or through a college education," Snyder said August 2011
The actual results?

Let's just say complete and total failure are first words that come to mind as Steven Norton - Executive Director of Michigan Parents for Public School describes.

"What grade would you give a school district that:
■ Lost 25% of its students in just one year?
■ Has a financial audit that says the district hasn’t kept its books in a way that it can effectively tell what it has spent?
■ Has seen constant teacher turnover, including the hiring of 40 new teachers in September, after school had started?
■ Borrowed money from the Detroit Public Schools — a district that, itself, is running a huge deficit?
Most of us would give this district an F and prepare to close it down. But if you are Gov. Rick Snyder and State Superintendent Mike Flanagan, you hand over thousands of more students to this experiment in education. 
The district described above is what public records show is happening at the Educational Achievement Authority. It’s very different than the cultivated image that Snyder and Flanagan offered to the state as they tried to jam through legislation without public hearings in the final days of the legislative session. 
The recent news that nearly 1 in 4 parents is pulling children out of the EAA, reducing its enrollment by thousands of students, shows that the very group the EAA was purported to help sees it as a failure," Norton wrote in the Detroit Free Press in December.
Governor Snyder's efforts to expand the EAA Statewide after the its' well documented non-performance the last two years was stopped by his fellow Republican majority in Michigan's State House.
"House members in both parties said they opposed the Senate’s sweeping changes to the bill, in particular the elimination of a 50-school cap on the number of buildings that could be placed under the fledgling EAA’s control," The Detroit Free Press cited in December. 
"The EAA is in its second school year running 15 Detroit schools with persistently low academic achievement, but has been dogged by questions about its curriculum, teacher turnover rate, declining enrollment and long-term financial viability. 
“The EAA, I’m not sure it’s doing a good job,” said state Rep. Tom McMillin, R-Rochester Hills. “It’s still kind of an experiment.”
The Nerd's Experiment with improving Education in Michigan has led to a decline of our State's once proud Public Schools.

On Automobile Manufacturers Bailout

Last but not least the Governor's marketing ad states Michigan has added or retained manufacturing jobs. This claim is true but our Nerdly Chief Executive has little or nothing to do with this success.

The credit goes to President Barack Obama's 2009 bailout of American Automakers General Motors and Chrysler Corporation.

President Obama rightfully praised himself about this decision on December 9 as General Motors officially exited Federal Government partial ownership when the U.S. Department of Treasury sold its' remaining stock shares in the company.

"When I took office, the American auto industry – the heartbeat of American manufacturing – was on the verge of collapse. Two of the Big Three – GM and Chrysler – were on the brink of failure, threatening to take suppliers, distributors and entire communities down with them. In the midst of what was already the worst recession since the Great Depression, another one million Americans were in danger of losing their jobs," President Obama wrote in a statement. 
"As President, I refused to let that happen. I refused to walk away from American workers and an iconic American industry. But in exchange for rescuing and retooling GM and Chrysler with taxpayer dollars, we demanded responsibility and results. In 2011, we marked the end of an important chapter as Chrysler repaid every dime and more of what it owed the American taxpayers from the investment we made under my Administration’s watch.
Today, we’re closing the book by selling the remaining shares of the federal government’s investment in General Motors. GM has now repaid every taxpayer dollar my Administration committed to its rescue, plus billions invested by the previous Administration. 
Less than five years later, each of the Big Three automakers is now strong enough to stand on its own. They’re profitable for the first time in nearly a decade. The industry has added more than 372,000 new jobs – its strongest growth since the 1990s. 
Thanks to the workers on our assembly lines, some of the most high-tech, fuel-efficient cars in the world are once again designed, engineered, and built right here in America – and the rest of the world is buying more of them than ever before."
Since facts are great things, it was Michigan's previous Governor Jennifer Granholm (D) lobbying former Presidents Obama and George W. Bush to support the automobile bailout in 2009 which led this "Comeback". 

The Nerd Governor Rick Snyder did not take his oath of office as Michigan's Chief Executive until January 1, 2011.

Taking credit when credit is not due, is so self-described "Comeback Kid Nerd" style of our Governor Rick Snyder.

Meanwhile, enjoy the Super Bowl!

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