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Monday, January 13, 2014

What Has God Done for Me? The Story of Tamra Edwards

Photo Credit - Nuri Flowers
Local Independent Musical Artist, Tamara Edwards
By IU News & Talk
Contributing Writer: Nuri Flowers
"As the years of hard work, dedication and faith-building have come into play, this is a true testimony to the humble beginnings of a faithful Michigan native who leaves all her faith in an Almighty God and allows ministry of the Lord to flow through her music."

Tamra Edwards, 24,  has set her sights on allowing her passion for fashion design and ministry for gospel music come forth through her showcasing of her future business. She is a soldier of the Lord whom can definitely tell anyone what God has done for her life thus far.

Born on May 8th, 1989 in Detroit, MI Edwards was born to Nathaniel Edwards II and Judith Edwards, being the youngest of four children (2 older brothers, 1 older sister). Edwards has lived 15 years of her life living in Atlanta, GA with her mother and siblings; upon the age of 15 she moved to Ypsilanti, MI to live with her father and stepmother for the next stages of her life.

From there, Edwards attended Lincoln High School in Ypsilanti from her sophomore year in high school in 2005 to the spring 2007, where she graduated. Edwards stated briefly in an interview held Thursday, January 2 that while attending Lincoln High School, she has been active member of the School Choir all three years, under the direction of director Mrs. Karen Nevins.
‘ While attending Lincoln I was involved in Women’s Ensemble, Concert Choir and the Honors choir known as Split Dimensions. I have only competed once in Split Dimensions, and that year our choir made it to the semi-finals of the competition, but not any further.’
After graduation, Tamra transitioned to higher education to attend Central State University, located in Wilberforce, OH to study Vocal Performance, which by her third year she had switched to Business-Administration as a major.
‘I arrived to Central State actually because the university’s former choir director, Mr. William Caldwell, had discovered me through an audition tape I had sent when I was applying to different schools. The director wanted to offer me a scholarship to attend Central State and perform for the school choir. '
Edwards attended Central State from the fall of 2007 to her graduation year in May 2012, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business-Admin, concentration in Marketing. From her undergrad experience, she has joined the Central State Chorus, and has even toured outside of the country to Austria and Germany.

During this transition, she has also directed for two years as leader for Interfaith Campus Ministries Praise Team, and was the president of a community service group known as the Make It Happen Committee.’

Upon graduation Edwards moved to Savannah, GA to live with her older sister Larissa into a new career field as a floor manager for Anne Taylor. From there, she was able to learn the ropes of the fashion trend business to what would then lead to inspiring her to create her own fashion line, one that would showcase her vision of high end women’s fashion that would show the beauty and sophistication of a woman’s curves and body expressions that would not involve revealing anything explicit.

After quitting her position with Anne Taylor due to the high volume of work and stress that came with the job, Edwards moved back to Ypsilanti and landed a part time position as a Sales Lead at Lands’ End, a clothing retail store located at the Briarwood mall in downtown Ann Arbor, where she works currently still.

During the transition to getting her own apartment in Romulus, MI Edwards has decided to take her solo career as a businesswoman to a whole new peak. Taking her experience as a marketing major and her love for singing Gospel music to combine these gifts into her own business.

Beginning in October 2013, Edwards had decided to start working on using the crafts and modeling skills she has built to create her own fashion line of Women’s clothing and high-end jewelry (brand name TBA).
 ‘ I don’t want my fashion to exploit the beauty of women and be about their hips and thighs; I want to showcase of radiance and natural beauty of a woman who loves her body and her looks, but does not require showing off skin to prove it; God made us all beautiful inside and out, so we as His children should work with what we are blessed with’ states Edwards.
From gathering her accessories for her clothing and currently searching for models to help showcase her work, Edwards has started a new mission to her clothing line; to become an independent recording artist.

Ever since her second year of undergrad, Tamra has started writing her own original songs and poems to demonstrate her love for God and Jesus through her music. Five years three years later down the roads, Edwards has written a total of over 40 songs and all original arrangements.

Amongst her compositions includes the titles All Things Work Together and We Are Different People.

During these next years of designing clothes, writing and composing music, Edwards’ life long dream to make both passions become a fashion line, with music to showcase her fashion at the same time.
‘Ever since college I always had this vision in my head that I wanted to create a new style of fashion; which was expressed more through song than with posing,' Edwards said.‘ I wanted to create a fashion show where I’m wearing my clothing I designed, and I’m singing one of my original songs all at the same time. I have never seen it done before and I would love to introduce a unique flavor of both music and fashion combined together.’
During these next few years of preparation and follow-through, Edwards will continue to build her modeling team and seek agents to manage her assets for marketing her brand. In addition to her music, Edwards stated that she is currently working on recording her tracks at local studios area create her first official album, which will feature all her favorite songs and even local musicians on specific tracks.

If you wish to connect with Tamra Edwards via social network, or would like to book her for any venues to perform for events, church services, etc., you can contact her at, or follow her on her Facebook page at

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