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Friday, January 31, 2014

Former Treasurer/State Consultant Andy Dillon takes a Caribbean Final Work Week Vacation - funded by Michigan Taxpayers

Photo Credit -MFL-Miami
Former State Treasurer and State Consultant at
the bequest of Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder -- Andy Dillon,
enjoyed his last week of Consultant services in the Caribbean
on a State Taxpayers funded vacation. 
As up to 413,000 Michigan residents seek to return back to work, former State Treasurer and recently revealed Consultant Andy Dillon according to State Senator Gretchen Whitmer (D-East Lansing) office, has taken a week Caribbean vacation off of taxpayers dimes.

In press release dated January 30, Michigan State Minority Leader Whitmer called again on independent authority to investigate the compensation and hiring practices of Michigan Department of Treasury.

Whitmer first called for an independent state ethics commission to investigate hiring and compensation practices of Governor Snyder top level staff on January 13 after it was revealed by Detroit Free Press Reporter Paul Egan January 8 -- Dillon was still receiving a salary and state funded benefits three months after resigning as State Treasurer on October 31. 

 “Andy Dillon's continued salary in lieu of any substantive work has already raised questions about Governor Snyder and the Department of Treasury's practices, but why on earth is he on a paid vacation when he shouldn't even be on the payroll?” said Senator Whitmer.

“The Governor needs to stop trying to cover this up and come clean about the sweetheart deals and cronyism that is rampant in the Department of Treasury. These people are supposed to be charged with improving the state's finances, not their own, and Michigan taxpayers deserve a thorough review of what is really going on with their money.”
First revealed in the Motorcity Muckraker online resource, Dillon during his last week of extended Consultant duties at the bequest of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, enjoyed a luxury cruise in the Caribbean.

According to Governor Snyder's spokesperson Sara Wurfel, Dillon's state job after resigning as State Treasurer last October, is scheduled to complete by Friday, January 31 at the close of business on vacation.

“Mr. Dillon’s temporary assignment to assist Treasurer Clinton in the transition will be wrapped up this Friday, Jan. 31,” Snyder spokeswoman Sara Wurfel expressed to Muckraker writer Steve Neavling.
While serving as former State Treasurer and during his role as State Consultant, Andy Dillon earned $175,000 a year salary, a state funded retirement, health care, life insurance, short and long-term disability benefits paid by Michigan taxpayers.

On March 12, Independent Underground Radio LIVE in an exclusive interview Detroit based C.P.A. Tom Barrow revealed details of a meeting City Councilwoman JoAnne Watson and Barrow had with then Treasurer Andy Dillon March 4.

In the meeting Barrow revealed Dillon tried and failed encouraging former Councilwoman Watson to bargain for three items she preferred negotiating to save pending an Emergency Manager appointment.

Barrow also revealed Dillon expressed Governor Snyder plans to appoint Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr's appointment was based on "restructuring" Detroit's long-term pension and healthcare related debts more so than fixing other problems hindering Michigan's largest City viability.

During the discussion, Dillon acknowledged Detroit's two retirement pension annuity accounts for Fire and Police Officers, plus City of Detroit workers were between 80 -95% funded. It is estimated State of Michigan Employees retirement accounts are less than 65% funded currently.

The latest reveal of Dillon's vacation marks on-going questions on how Governor Snyder spends Michigan's Taxpayers revenue to pay his top-level staff employees.

According to Whitmer, the Governor has made a series questionable staff moves with other department heads. Governor Snyder kept both the former directors of the Department of Natural Resources and Department of Community Health on the state payroll at their same salaries after they left their positions with the State of Michigan.

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