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Thursday, January 16, 2014

FFT 1/16 - The State of Michigan is Ridicious and What must be done for Real Change

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Food for Thought 1/16 - IU News & Talk
By: Monica RW

"Progress Michigan's editorial opinion article published on the Detroit News about Michigan's current economy before Governor Rick Snyder's 4th State of the State Speech, is right on point -- the State of Michigan is Poor. We would support the groups' statement by expressing, "The State of Michigan is Ridicious".
Michigan over the last three years plus of Governor Rick Snyder's tenure has been an economic test case of the HAVE'S and the HAVE'S NOT'S. The recent news of Michigan's economy having a $970 billion dollar surplus in the states financial coffers, resulted directly from cutting lifelines of upper mobility for middle and lower class residents.

These factors can change if the Candidate running against Governor Snyder, former Congressman Mark Schauer of Battle Creek, takes a populist stance on important issues impacting Michigan's ability to provide good paying job opportunities for its' citizenry, which has lead to an exodus of needed population and income from our state.

Imposed actions and laws by Governor Rick Snyder which must be fully addressed going into Election 2014 in Michigan, are:

-A full restoration of Michigan's Earned Income Tax Credit -- cut from a maximum of $650 dollars for lower and middle class WORKING families in Michigan, to a pitiful $50.00.

-A full restoration of Michigan's Child Tax Credit

-Adding workers immediately once in office to Michigan's Unemployment Insurance Office. Up to 400 perm and limited term workers for UIA were laid off and cut in 2012 by Governor Snyder. The wait to reach a UIA Problem Resolution Employee or UIA's 800 phone line for questions is ridiculous as described by Independent Underground Radio LIVE listener, Marlon Easley below.

Until Michigan's unemployment rate is BELOW 5.0%, we need to ensure workers who are rightfully eligible to receive the benefit, do. That cannot happen properly without RECOGNIZING that unemployment is STILL too darn high in Michigan -- 8.8% to be exact.

-Restore the six weeks to UIA benefits CUT by Governor Rick Snyder in 2011.

-Restructure Michigan Works. Although a viable service, as M.W. is currently structured -- our unemployment rate is too high and the program MUST be retailored to provide Michiganders with clear opportunities for returning to full employment.

-Fully Repeal Michigan Public Act 436 of 2012 and all parts of its legislative conjoined twin, Public Act 72 of 1990 from ever re-appearing as any part of Michigan Compiled Laws, again.

-Increase the lifetime maximum for Michigan Department of Human Services (DHS) Cash Assistance to 72 months from 48 months. In our current economy in Michigan, it is RIDICULOUS to limit Michigan families and single mothers from receiving much needed cash assistance -- in some cases-- to 48 months. 

Our economic crisis has been going on in Michigan since 2007 alone, or six years and counting. Put programs in place requiring recipients of DHS cash assistance to attend college, learn a trade as a mandatory test to receive the benefit. 

-End the Senior Tax Hike, ASAP! This policy alone has resulted in Seniors with stable retirement income LEAVING our State to parts elsewhere. Stupid is one word to describe this policy. Seniors should NOT be taxed on annuity and pension income. 

It's cold in Michigan during the Winter. We are not a "hotspot" for retirement -- the facts are the facts. Let's ensure Seniors that want to live in Michigan be able to do so without facing a tax burden imposed by the State.

-Other parts of the wish list: Fully restore Michigan's Homestead Property Tax, allow for tax credits for donations to charities again and restoring funding back to Michigan's K-12 public schools (and 13 plus beyond), end the failed policy of Right to Work for less as not ONE job has been added because of RTW and allow insurance companies to pay for all Women Right to Choose options as it is the FREE MARKET at work -- like it or not

In addition, give Municipalities BACK their portion of State Shared Taxable Revenue and end the $1.8 BILLION dollar tax cut to C & S Corporations in Michigan that has not shown the ability to add JOBS to state with its' 8.8% unemployment rate.

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