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Sunday, January 12, 2014

FFT: 1/12 - The George Cushingberry Detroit Media distraction and why City Residents should not fall for it

Photo Credit -
Detroit City Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem off the job
antics is the folly of City's Media Resources, since a January
7 traffic stop.

Food for Thought 1/12
By: Monica RW

"After this point until the end of time, Independent Underground News & Talk will stay out of the on-going and guaranteed to be forever reported Cushingberry story."

For those who are unfamiliar, recently sworn into office Detroit City Councilman - Mayor Pro-Tem George Cushingberry was pulled over by City Law Enforcement personnel on January 7 for a traffic violation. Upon inspecting the situation further police officers found a open liquor container and a smell of cannabis in Cushingberry's vehicle.

The Councilman claimed the cannabis belonged to a passenger carrying a Michigan Medical Marijuana card. After calling supervisory personnel out to the traffic stop, Councilman Cushingberry was only issued a moving violation ticket for failure to properly use a turn signal.

Our resource not covering the Councilman's incident have nothing to do the rightful thoughts of others, that his behavior and actions has embarrassed the City. Instead, it is directly about the distraction and how many City residents are falling for the media games, yet again.

Cushingberry "behavior" was not a unknown entity or factor prior to launching his candidacy for elected office. This resource in July while covering a candidate debate forum, witnessed a highly questionable incident involving at the time, Candidate Cushingberry. We decided not to report what was seen for multiple reasons up to and including not disclosing the injured party medical situation.

In the same aspect, the Detroit Media Resources knew Cushingberry's background fairly well, one would think. Instead of doing their job of contrasting and comparing candidates running for elected office, they kept quiet. 


Well, as recently proven, Cushingberry recent antics provides on-going story to place an eye back on Detroit as a "Corrupt City who can't govern itself".

Bingo -- like clockwork Kwame 2.0 is back.

Yet, Cushingberry is not the story. His antics although interesting indeed, are not the story. Nor the latest information of this individual filing bankruptcy last year ironically, is not the story. 

Considering the economy, its rare a financial problem or two does not exist among many Southeastern Michiganders. Also, if this was an anomer for running for office in Detroit - bankruptcy filings are public information and since Cushingberry's filing was during 2013 election cycle, why didn't the "media" bring this out during Cushingberry quest to fill a City Council seat? 

Mayor Pro-Tem Cushingberry antics are a distraction with the City Councilman unfortunately egging on the ride. A quick visit to the City Councilman's Facebook page should tell interested parties everything they need to know. 

Furthermore, if one is in the middle of self-imposed melee as an elected official, any politician with brains knows to keep quiet, then distract to important issues facing the residents you are elected to serve. 

Instead Cushingberry is doing the opposite.

Also, this the Councilman strangely let it be known he "traded a favor" to switch his vote to newly re-elected City Council Woman Brenda Jones to win the City Council President spot. Yet, Cushingberry continues his "questionable" behavior patterns. 

Think about this for a bit. What could possibly be the point behind all of this?

What if the point is for the media's next story is to loosely tie in City Council President Brenda
Photo Credit -Metro Times
Detroit City Councilwoman Brenda Jones
shocked City Media resources failed
lobbying campaign, when Jones
won the Council President seat over
Councilwoman Shantel Jenkins.
Jones ability to "lead" with the "favor" for Cushingberry's vote?

Also, what if Jones who should lead the City Council--- leadership is questioned relentlessly in the Detroit Bias Media until she's no longer leader or possibly on the City Council, along with Cushingberry -- whose mission might be done.

It is well known certain media resources in Detroit lobbied for City Councilwoman Shantel Jenkins be the next President of the City's legislative body.

After Councilman Cushingberry flipped his allegiance, the final vote tally ended with a 5-4 majority for Jones to tap the Council's top job. Cushingberry told any media resource who would listen, the Councilman traded his "vote" for he could assigned to Detroit's Mayor Pro-Tem position.

So readers, please understand how "Politiciks" works because this is reality. Especially if the City Council leader and now President is a fighter for the People and Corporate interests along with money motivations rule the day. 

The Focus should be on what will be done for Detroit's Residents. What will be done for City of Detroit retirees and future retirees pension income. What can be done to ensure the People of Detroit continue to have a strong voice in their government. .

Along with what has been done on the State Level to ensuring the African-American populace across our state and in Detroit will continue to be harmed by economic injustice.

The "Media" is a master at distraction. It's easy as pie to fall for and can be hard to recognize. 

Cushingberry is a distraction plain and simple, and could be an intentional one, at that.

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