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Monday, December 9, 2013

State Senator Bert Johnson Next Quest, Entering the Race for Congressman Gary Peters Seat

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"February of this year, IU News & Talk predicted five viable Michigan politicians or experts we preferred for consideration to launch a race to become the state's next Governor."
State Senator Bert Johnson was one of the initial of the candidates on our list. Yet, it appears Johnson future political aspirations are pointing towards the direction of a larger Capital building.

Thus far, only former Congressman Mark Schauer has announced his intent to run for the Democratic nomination for Michigan Governor. Virg Bernero, former Democratic nominee Gubernatorial candidate in 2010, won his third re-election quest to remain Lansing Mayor in November.  

Over two next week, Independent Underground News & Talk will announce our choices to wage a candidacy for Secretary of State, Attorney General and the highly contested seat of current Congressman Gary Peters (D-MI-14th).

While Peters' race is focused on holding long-term Senator Carl Levin (D) seat in the
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Democratic column, announced on December 6 State Senator Bert Johnson (D-Detroit) will run the 14th District Congressional seat.

Serving as a State Senator since 2010, Johnson;s strong voice in Michigan's Republican controlled upper legislative chamber has continued to be a force speaking out on important issues such as expansion of the states Educational Achievement Authority charter school failed experiment in Detroit, protecting pension annuity guarantees for municipal workers, state compliance with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling for juveniles serving life sentences without parole and protecting a Woman's right to choose.

On December 3 State Senator Johnson asked for Eastern Michigan University as an Education Charterer in Ypsilanti, Michigan to cut the institution ties with the EAA as Republicans in Michigan's Senate sought to expand the public schools statewide, the EAA controls.

"It is my hope that Eastern Michigan University will soon cut ties with this failed bureaucratic boondoggle," Senator Bert Johnson said.

"I also hope, as the Legislature seems to be preparing to jam EAA expansion legislation through the Senate, that the Governor and GOP Senators will listen to the children, parents and teachers who have to deal with the consequences of such reckless public policy; rather than those in the education-for-profit community who look to commodify our children."
Independent Underground Radio LIVE interviewed State Senator Johnson June 18 on his support of expanding Medicaid eligibility in Michigan with the Affordable Healthcare Act and opposition to any expansion of the highly controversial EAA.

Johnson previously served two terms in the Michigan Legislature State House Representative, replacing his term-limited, Bill McConico, after he served as McConico's Chief of Staff for five years.As the Minority Vice-Chair of the Regulatory Reform Committee, Johnson also sits as Vice-Chair of the DELEG, General Government Judiciary subcommittees and serves on the State Senate's' Redistricting Committee.

Other announced candidates for Congressman Peters seat include State Sen. Vincent Gregory (D-Southfield), Lathrup Village Councilwoman Kelly Garrett, Jessica McCall of Farmington Hills, a former Gov. Jennifer Granholm staffer and Steve Dunwoody of Detroit, an Air National Guard veteran who served in Iraq.

According to M-Live Southfield Mayor and former Candidate in 2010 for Michigan Lt. Governor Brenda Lawrence filed campaign finance paperwork indicating an intention to run for Peter's seat and State Rep. Rudy Hobbs (D-Lathrup Village) has acknowledge his interest to enter the race.

Despite experience and individual achievements of the Democratic competitors in the race thus far, we believe State Senator Bert Johnson is the most qualified candidate to step into the highly important legislative position to represent Michigan's 14th Congressional district.

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