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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Independent Artist Spotlight: Discovering Talent ‘Round The Corner': Dopeamine Knights of the 734

Photo Credit - Dopamine Knights Hip-Hop Group
Ann Arbor's Own 
Dopamine Knights sets the musical
duo on path to Hip-Hop Stardom

By Contributor: Nuri Flowers
Independent Underground News & Talk
"Now who ever said that Hip-Hop and rock never sounded so great together?"

Some of have tried and failed, others have succeeded in making musical phenomenon when infusing two different genres into one.  Some of the first pioneers to succeed in such masterpieces included iconic MC group Run DMC, whom in 1986 collaborated with legendary rock band Aerosmith to re-master one the bands top-selling singles “Walk This Way”, which was originally recorded in 1975 on the Toys in the Attic Album.

 Ever since this transfusion of influential music has made its ways to American airways, and soon eventually the whole world, others have followed their own paths to take this project to new heights.

Decades following after great bands like Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine and Limp Biskit would continue making rock and hip-hop a cornerstone to the music industry with never-before-heard riffs and beats that many fans worldwide have to come to adore. Now in 2013, whoever knew that Ann Arbor would be home a to well and recognized underground talent that was not just recently discovered until 2011?

Photo Credit - Dopamine Knights
Ann Arbor's own Hip-Hop Knights official logo
Ann Arbor’s very own MC group known as the Dopamine Knights took the scene to be recognized for their unique blends of synthesized beats, infused with musical elements of hip-hop and punk rock infused into one. As Reverbnation would consider them to be what’s called a ‘nebulous point’. Consisting of rapper Ronzo, rapper/producer Ace Adams, and producer/engineer Moses Manuel, the Knights aim to bring thoughtful lyrics and a vintage vibe back to hip-hop while still pushing boundaries and moving the genre's sound forward. 
“We believe in writing our own rhymes, making our own beats, making exactly the kind of music that we want to, and representing the Midwest to the fullest.” (Ronzo page 1).
Dopamine Knights are an independent group association with their own label, associated under the logo Dopamine Knights:
They have two albums to which they released locally and carry exclusively on their official blog site: Albums includes Catching Airwaves (Dec. 1, 2012) and their latest album, Above and Beyond (Sep. 7, 2013).

The group started their journey to stardom by reuniting in their hometown of Ann Arbor, MI, where lead rapper Ronzo had come back in 2011 from his first couple years of undergraduate studies at Bowling Green State University, where he had left before completing his degree program due to “certain circumstances.”

Since then, he and his fellow MCs have reunited in the spring of 2011 to go to the studios and did what they loved to do; make beats. Ronzo had a passion for music, which his fellow members Ace Adams and Manuel, whom were both aspiring DJs performing at local venues, clubs and bars in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, and had experience in music production and sound engineering.
The group has worked in the studio, made up a couple tracks and performing their tracks all throughout Ann Arbor and since then have gotten their names out and working their way to a bright future. One of their latest tracks the group recorded is entitled Back Home, which was released this year on their blog site, Ronzo’s Word on November 11, 2013.
Ronzo has even stated on this blog page was to the inspiration that played into making this track:
“Everyone has their own crazy college story. Whether it involves drinking and drug-abusing or not, it’s most likely completely hilarious.  This one just so happens to involve all sorts of classic college party-style debauchery.  The story is based on a true one, but in some cases slightly exaggerated.  Let me give you guys a little bit of a backstory: 

I used to attend Bowling Green State University for Undergraduate, and due to certain circumstances I dropped out before I could finish my degree.  During the time I was there, many of my friends visited me to partake in the various party scenes that I knew of.  Very memorable stories were produced on all occasions, and this song is a culmination of all of them. 

So here’s to those college years.  Raise one up, light one up, whatever you prefer.” – Ronzo.

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